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Bermuda based company gets major DHS contract

Accenture, a Bermuda based consulting company, has landed the deal to create "virtual borders" for the Department of Homeland Security.
Accenture, a Bermuda based company, has been picked by the Department of Homeland Security to lead a consortium of companies in creating new high-tech security systems and devices, including biometrics, or digital fingerprinting and photography.

Accenture beat Lockheed Martin and Computer Sciences Corp. to win the contract.

Accenture was formerly known as Andersen Consulting, a branch of Arthur Andersen, Enron's former accounting firm. Accenture is actually called Accenture Ltd., incorporated in Bermuda in 2002, and Accenture is a subsidiary of Accenture Ltd.

The companies that will be subcontractors in this deal include: Dell, AT&T, Sprint, Raytheon, Titan Corp. (of Abu Ghraib fame) and SRA International.

As for software? According to technewsworld.com:

"Accenture said it has yet to select software partners for the project. However, the company last week announced a worldwide effort to work alongside Microsoft to develop what are being billed as 'solutions blueprints' for public sector agencies."


Leading up to this deal, Accenture launched an advertising blitz using athlete Tiger Woods to promote their services.

The Register

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