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9.11 investigation

FARENHEIT 9/11 Trailer Online!

Check the hubbub, bub. Mr. Moore and the Weinsteins have your attention. Will it be as swell as the buzz and the Palm d'Or? Will Moore fuck Bush? Let's take a look.
Click the link to watch the trailer.

homepage: homepage: http://www.dtheatre.com/read.php?sid=2425

Is It Bogus? 03.Jun.2004 16:21


No amount of cutting, editing, pasting, rewording, tailoring makes this URL work. Can "wind up the bird" author of the article provide a link that works?

Fake URL? 03.Jun.2004 17:27


Yes, "reader", that one works--and was posted earlier today. But I'm looking to smoke out "bird's" apparently fake URL.

well that link 03.Jun.2004 17:36


That link works fine for me, and just has a link to  http://www.fahrenheit911.com/trailer/. In other words, you're not missing anything.

download the trailer 03.Jun.2004 17:51

p2p push

If you have an appropriate p2p client (if you're using windows check out the latest version of shareaza) you can use these links to download the 25MB 480x260 windows media version of the trailer.

magnet | ed2k

original link works fine. 03.Jun.2004 22:12

check again

i went to  http://www.dtheatre.com/read.php?sid=2425 and it worked fine.

there is a link that says 'watch the trailer'.

no big mystery as far as i can tell, 'cept the trailer wasn't working too well earlier, probably due to high demand.

I like it! 03.Jun.2004 22:17


This looks really good! I can't fricking wait to see it!

Too much demand 04.Jun.2004 10:58


Right now it says there's too much demand for the trailer and it's currently unavailable. Better luck later today.

want the trailer fast 04.Jun.2004 12:48

use BitTorrent

or use this torrent to download the trailer 04.Jun.2004 14:05

p2p push