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animal rights

HLS market makers back for more-SHAC it to 'em

Back to Work:

Dealing with market makers is like dusting - If you let it go a couple of weeks
it builds up and starts to look bad, but with a little elbow grease it only
takes a couple of minutes and 'viola - its all gone. Its time for this campaign
to do a little late-spring cleaning and rid Huntingdon of its oh-so-necessary
business structure.
Market Maker campaigns can be quick and easy. Usually these companies are pretty
horrified to learn about what it is they are supporting by making the trades. Up
until the point of our call or letter - it is just another name to them, with no
meaning. Please guide these companies to www.insidehls.com for more information,
offer them free videos (which are going to be sent anyways) documenting the
lab's criminal behavior - and encourage the individual employees to always buy
cruelty-free products so companies like HLS don't exist in the first place.

This is the first action alert since the crooked NJ US attorney's office decided
to challenge SHAC USA's constitutional rights. Please demonstrate through action
this week, and the next, and everyday until HLS is no more - that we are proud
of those at SHAC, we are proud to campaign for animal rights, and we are not
going to give up our free speech rights without a fight!

Now, let's take care of some business.

1. We start with our old friends at Crown Financial Group. This is one of the
biggest Market Makers out there, so we want to believe that their continued
return to HLS every couple of months is just a bureaucratic oversight.

In the past Crown has been receptive to the polite nudging and seems genuinely
concerned about business ethics (at least in relation to animals.) Please
re-connect with Crown and remind them of the suffering of animals at HLS and by
taking a stand now - they can help save lives.

Crown Financial Group
Newport Tower,
525 Washington Blvd., 34th Fl.
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Main Switchboard: 201 459 9500
MAIN # 800-888-8118
NASDAQ 201-459-9481
INSTITUTIONAL 800-422-4114
INTERNATIONAL 800-999-9119

Acting President and CEO: Charles B. (Chuck) Kennedy III
Chairman, CEO and President: John P. Leighton
EVP, COO, and Director: Jeffrey M. Hoobler

Email:  InvestorRelations@crownfin.com

Crown acts as a market maker for 8,800 securities. Surely they can retake that
stand against animal cruelty with it having no impact on their business.

2. The second company is new to HLS, and therefore deserves the benefit of the
doubt. T.R. WINSTON & COMPANY, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kent
Financial Services. Also as a New Jersey based company TR Winston has this
horrible lab in its backyard and needs this brought to its attention.

Kent and TR Winston
376 Main Street, P.O. Box 74
Bedminster, NJ 07921

Tel: 908-234-9600
EMERGENCY NUMBER: 609-647-9332

Paul Koether, Chairman
John Galuchie, Executive VP
Check  http://www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE
http://clerk.house.gov/floorsummary/floor.html 03.Jun.2004 15:04