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Another "uneducated" response to corperate terror.

I wrote this post to another article and felt that it reflects some scene dynamics that should see the light of day. This post should be taken as a response to nationalists of any stripe that stand against proponants of economic sabotage.
Politically motivated sabotage (direct action) works. It worked for the sons of liberty as they raided british tea merchants ships in opposition to british colonialisms unjust taxation. It worked for civil war supporters of the north who attacked confederate supply trains as armed bandits. I'm sure your blanket generalization that all politicly motivated sabotage is unpatriotic "terrorism" wouldn't include patriots acts of terrorism. This seems to reflect nationalists practice of creating a double standard for acts in opposition to national policy. Now what does an American, born on this soil do when thier governments policy supports terrorism? Now before you go lying and telling me that the CIA didn't give binladen inc. airplane hyjack training, satalite phones, and counter insurgency training- or perhaps that america's defence contractor Bechtel didn't make the chemecal weapons Saddam Hussien used on the ethnic kurds- why don't you quitely aknowledge that your government fits your own definition of terrorist quite nicely. Now am I proud of this? NO! Am I at all smug about it? NO. Do I in any way like that US soldiers, and 1000 dallor a day corperate warriors are getting payed out of my pocket to pile iraqis up in shit covered pyramids of orgiatic death to shame THEM into submission, or ship them off to egypt to torture them? NO. Do I like the fact that this reflects a history of similar imperialist acts by the people of this country? NO. Am I frothing at the mouth angry that any "educated" person would try to deny this? Am I determined to act against this? and support others that do? Yes.
What's the answer that I'm most likely to hear from a nationalist? Vote. Now regardless of the fact that I do vote in local elections, for radical cantidates. I find myself up against a synergy of large corperate interests, strangely enough backed by my government, often with force. Now I ask you doesn't real billy club in the face, felling trees at my friends, violence represent an escalation of force dispraportonate in contrast to my/our often peacefull protest? If you think so, I ask you to critically evaluate- as the workers say "whose side are you on?"
Now when I vote and these same corperate-political parties flood the political arena with money from thier national (or often international) corperate monopolies shouting down my radical cantidate how am I supposed to feel that I am represented by this "democracy?" When my choices are effectivly limited by these parties to include a choice between cantidate red for unilateral world domination by "american interests", and cantidate blue for multilateral policing of the world for "american interests"- and the draft. Am I "frustrated" that some liberal would attemt to define ME as an enemy of peace?
I ask you again to what degree this democracy represents me? To what degree is it an effective tool for what radicals view as positive change?
Now the purpose of direct action is to make evil men feel that there are consequences for thier evel deeds, and inspire more direct action. If this is sucessfull actions can be linked to represent a resistance struggle. If liberals don't get in the way it becomes possible to link street action, to direct action and then you've got what to many appears to be popular struggle. Eagle creek for example. Some smart people doing work for it harnessed the power of the masked mystique to define themselves as a resistance struggle. What happened? People from all over the country MOVED here to win this struggle. Think I'm lying? I met my parnter this way. In essence this becomes a personal struggle in that I and MANY people I know begin to see nationalists attacks on our politics as attacks on our FAMILIES. When enough of your friends, or lovers have been stalked, attacked, or jailed by authorities how can this not be a personal struggle to define our own families. Birds of a feather flock together. It is just that people of political inclination band together. This is supposed to be guarunteed by our rights. Currently our entire government and it's "american interests" don't seem to think so. How can you slight me or anyone else for acting in the very SPIRIT of the decree that this nation is independant from such forms of tyranny? How can you slight us for acting against unjust tyranny?
Whose side are you on?


Great Pick For A Feature Article Portland IMC 04.Jun.2004 12:47


Good to see you've raised the standards for what it takes to get a feature article up at this site. You know, in college journalism schools and official college newspapers, they demand their write an elementary school grade level. I always thought that this was an expression of a condescending attitude towards the public at-large, the underlying assumption behind such an editorial policy being that the public is either too stupid, or too lazy to pick up a dictionary, to read an article written at a college level. I guess the Portland IMC is in agreement on this issue and thinks grade school level dreck should pass for "journalism."

It's just words to you. 04.Jun.2004 13:43


It's just words to you. Next time why don't you address more than the grammer.