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portland hibakusha? PW for 6-3-04

Portland's being set up.
Portland has been very much in the news these past two years, associated with the word 'terror.' A Google search on the terms 'portland Oregon terror' produces 56,100 matches, including a reactionary site that has half of the Mayfield story,--guess which half-- and comments like 'we're cleaning out the rats,' along with lots of anti-Islamic innuendo and law-enforcement-style backslapping.

It's time to look at Oregon's and Portland's role as a target in the Bush Administration's weird little anti-civil-rights movement. We've had the Portland Seven case here, in which a group of Portlanders was put away for years after it had been determined that none of them had so much as thrown a rock in anger on US soil. One commenter noted that the young men and women were being locked up essentially for angry drunk talk. Yet the nation remembers the case as a near thing, in which terrorists were caught at the last minute and our vulnerable society was saved.

That's exactly how this sort of case is supposed to work, by the way. Portland is an exception because of KBOO, but in most cities in the US, if you can get someone to remember Judy Bari and Earth First at all, that someone will recall that Judy was blown up by her own bomb. That was the lie promulgated by the FBI and the enthusiastically compliant corporate-owned press, and it was disproven in court; the FBI was forced to pay restitution to Judi Bari's survivors. But that was in the back pages, if it was covered at all. So as propaganda, the FBI got a great victory by bombing Judy.

Likewise, it is the dramatic impact of the charges against Brandon Mayfield that will remain in the public consciousness. A few may remember that he was exonerated, and more will suspect that some darn liberal judge let him go without reason. If that offends your sense of truth, I say let it, but it won't change the fact that the FBI has effectively connected Mayfield, and Portland, with terrorism in the public's eye.

And I would like to go a bit further with that and point out that the FBI and other US secret police agencies have a habit of claiming 'whoopsie' when they've been caught red-handed in a lie. Thus, the CIA must have been taking some of their own acid when they claimed that Iraqi tanks were threatening the Saudi border in 1991. Whoopsie. Is that credible? I should think not, but the intimidating presence of the Agency lets it slide past, doesn't it? And it is just as incredible for the FBI to claim that they couldn't tell the difference between Ouhnane Daoud's fingerprint and Brandon Mayfield's, or that they had some credible scenario that would put the Portland lawyer's fingerprint on the bomb debris there in Spain.

On the contrary, the intent of the lie about Judy Bari was simply to smear Earth First in the public mind, the intent of the bogus satellite photo was to lie to the Saudis in order to get US troops on their soil—a situation that is still creating terrorism against the US—and the intent of the lie against Brandon Mayfield was to send a message to all lawyers, and especially Muslim lawyers, that they had better not think that they can approach the Court on equal terms, demand equal justice under the law, and escape retaliation for it.

And there may be another message cooking, aimed at the US public and the world. I mentioned the Portland Seven and the Mayfield harassment, but there has been more to lead the public's mind to Portland and to Oregon. The so-called 'terrorist training camp,' which consists of a field and a particularly terroristic gravel pit, is located in Bly, Oregon, and it gets mentioned along with the terroristically traveling Portland Seven. And let's not forget Mohammed Kariye, the head of a mosque in—you guessed it—Portland, Oregon, who was arrested in September 2002 for having luggage.

It was claimed that Kariye's luggage had traces of TNT on it. Then—whoopsie—it turned out that there was not one molecule of TNT on Kariye's luggage, but though it is a funny thing, that information doesn't seem to have the press impact as the original imaginary TNT traces. Kariye has since been convicted of terrifying Social Security fraud. There's no word on whether TNT was on any of the Social Security cards involved. And I wouldn't be surprised to find out twenty years from now that there wasn't any fraud, either.

So if you follow the news like the vast majority of Americans do, which is to say, hardly at all and heavily filtered through the corporate-government disinformation complex, you're getting a strong message, and the message is: Portland, Oregon, is a hotbed of terrorists. Portland, terror, Portland, PETA activist terrorist arrest, Portland, Tre Arrow terrorist fugitive, Portland, TNT, Portland, Spain terror bombing. Get the message yet? Do you think it's a coincidence, in a nation that just arrested thousands of Muslims for being Muslim and held and deported and interrogated them only to find that not one of them had a terrorist connection?

Put yourself in the place of a Northern Command spook or a DIA or NSA or CIA or FBI agent, not one of the grunts but a Bush-loving Bible-thumping rapture believer, and ask yourself if it wouldn't be damn convenient, if it wouldn't serve Little Beirut just right, if it turned out that some Portland terrorist—and the American public knows we're swimming in terrorists—if it turned out that some dumb vicious Jesus-hating leftie Muslim-coddling tree-hugging animal rights conspiracy theorizing anti-WTO terrorist maniac made a radioactive dirty bomb and then—oh irony of ironies—blew himself up with it, contaminating that oh-so-deserving hotbed of lesbians, Portland, Oregon, so that OH DARN all the hippies died slowly and horribly of radiation, while of course just for your protection ma'am, the whole nation would go to Code Red and we could all just breathe a big sigh of relief, and forget about the Constitution and that pesky Bill of Rights forever. And probably Jesus would come.

I don't know what the hell the spook Right is up to about Portland, but I do know that we're targeted by the JTTF for apparently no good reason, and that we've been actively, carefully smeared as a terrorist hotbed. Something is up.
Conspiracy theory 03.Jun.2004 12:36


Psycographic analysis of Socialpath

1. Who was the regional director of the FBI?

i. In Portland
ii. Northwest region

2. What region of the country are they from?

i. the south, perhaps

3. What are the religeous backgronds and sex of these individual?

4. Who appointed and traind these individuals?

5. Are these folks making a new security apparatus?


. 03.Jun.2004 18:09

Condor barnbuilder@sbcglobal.net

Judy Bari, and her legal team that won the case, never claimed that the FBI bombed her. I have never heard anyone who knew Judi to claim that the FBI set the bomb. The FBI defamed her, called her a terrorist, the media spread the lies. To spread the lie is to play in to the same fear that surrounded the bombing during Redwood Summer. I am sure few of you that read this website were at Redwood Summer, if you were ,Hello it has been a long time. Few of you were in the woods that summer, dont speculate and spread rumors.

Coincidence Theory and Judi Bari 03.Jun.2004 18:46

a friend

"Judy Bari, and her legal team that won the case, never claimed that the FBI bombed her."

No one is saying that she did; the author is simply claiming that the FBI was responsible, not that Judi Bari made such a claim. This is called a straw-man. One should not create an argument over an invented statement.

However, it is clear that Judi Bari was insinuating the role of the FBI or other law enforcement in the bombing. In her words:

Of course the most dramatic of the information we have uncovered, and the one that has caused so much stir in the pages of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, is the FBI Bomb School. Four weeks before I was car-bombed, according to both the testimony and the written files, the FBI sponsored a Bomb Investigators' training course at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka, in the heart of the redwood region, on the eve of Redwood Summer. During this week-long course, which was open to law enforcement only, the FBI actually blew up cars with pipe bombs to practice responding. The place where they blew up these cars was (where else?) at a Louisiana- Pacific logging site north of Eureka

The teacher at Bomb School was Special Agent Frank Doyle, the FBI Terrorist Squad bomb expert who showed up at the scene when I was bombed in Oakland, and directed the collection of evidence. It was Frank Doyle who concocted the lie that the bomb was on the back seat floorboard, where we would have seen it. Among the students at Bomb School were several of the responding Oakland Police officers and FBI agents who collected the evidence under Frank Doyle's supervision at the Oakland bomb scene. The FBI claims that they have lost the roster of students in the class, even though the FBI Bomb School memo that we received from them refers to this roster and says it is attached.

But even without this roster, from the documents that we have, I have been able to place at least four 1990 Bomb School participants as being among the first responding to the Oakland bombing. They are, Special Agent (SA) Frank Doyle, Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Patrick Webb, SA John F. Holford, and Oakland Police Sgt. Myron Hanson. In addition, SA Stockton Buck, who played a key role at the Oakland bombing scene, has testified that he attended Bomb School in Eureka, where they blew up cars with Frank Doyle, but he doesn't recall if it was 1990 or one of the years before. Stockton Buck also testified that he found the assignment of collecting evidence at the Oakland bomb scene pleasant, because it was a nice day and they had pavement under their feet. Which makes me think he may have been contrasting it to the dust and mud of the L-P clearcut where they had blown up the cars in Bomb School.

Of course the FBI claims that Bomb School is merely routine police training, and this is all just a bizarre coincidence. But the more we have learned about Bomb School, the more bizarre the coincidence has become. Oakland Police Sgt. Hanson has testified that they were told at Bomb School that it is unusual for a car-bomber to place the bomb inside the passenger compartment of his victim's car, because of the supposed difficulty of breaking into a locked car. Instead, he said, they were told that bombers normally place their bombs under the car frame or in the engine compartment. However, Hanson also testified that "several" of the cars that were blown up in Bomb School (and, according to the FBI memo, there were only three cars in all) did indeed have the bomb placed in the passenger compartment. In other words, at the 1990 Bomb School, they created virtually the same crime scene that was about to happen in Oakland, and practiced responding to it. Further, they were told that this scenario was unlikely to represent a case where the person in the car was the target of the bombing. In fact, Sgt. Hanson testified that one of the reasons he says he believed the bomb in my car belonged to me was that it was in the passenger compartment.

Read the rest here:

. 03.Jun.2004 20:29


"the FBI got a great victory by bombing Judy. " that is the quote I read, so I posted. Thank you for the response.

rad article 04.Jun.2004 05:54


I love this article Im forwarding it to my friends

sure, the FBI bombed Judy 04.Jun.2004 09:39

theresa mitchell

I have no problem expressing my strong opinion that the FBI bombed Judy. They may have induced a front man, perhaps a religious fanatic, to do it, and certainly the bomb school points to that (did you know a similar school was conducted in this area?), but that doesn't matter in terms of cause and effect.

They bombed her, it worked, and they'll do it again.

thanks for the posting 05.Jun.2004 12:51


It's really weird that this came up. I've been thinking about the events lately that could support this theory. I guess I feel like we've been on the defensive more than ever, and people that I'm talking to that may have any semblance of being part of the global justice movement are getting frustrated. I just hope we don't get too frustrated and start getting reactionary; it would prove the right right. I guess let's just keep talking to people, and when the time comes or when is necessary- we start playing by the rules to break the rules. Maybe we should start looking at the first amendment, start getting creative and act as organised cells pushing free speech through art, film, music, theater, whatever to counter the recent mudding of Portland. Someone set up a time and place and I'll be there..

Here's a picture from that 'reactionary' site you mentioned 06.Jun.2004 23:00

the right is wrong

Somebody stop them. PLEASE!

You are absolutely right! Something is up! 07.Jun.2004 03:23

John R Kennedy undefineable@hotmail.com

Dear Theresa,

I am glad to hear someone else figured out that MAYFIELD WAS FRAMED! Thank you for validating my suspicions, because I've never considered myself to be a conspiracy theorist and thought I might be going paranoid. It is nice to know I am not alone. Two weeks ago I read an article about Mayfield in the Oregonian and realized the pieces did not fit. I thought then that the most likely explaination was that covert agents working within the spanish government loyal to José Maria Aznar and agents loyal to the Bush Administration working within the FBI, sent a digital copy of a state-of-the-art FORGERY OF MAYFIELD'S FINGERPRINTS, on March 17 (6 days after the Madrid bombings, but only 2 days after the Spanish elections unexpectedly ousted Aznar), through secure channels at the Interpol headquaters in Spain to the FBI lab in Quantico, VA in order to frame Mayfield - who is the perfect patsy to cause a terror scare in a swing election state.

Think of it! Mayfield is the white liberal, middle class professional with the family who lives in Aloha - LOOK OUT SUBURBAN SWING VOTERS, YOUR LIBERAL NEIGHBOR IS A TERRORISTS! THANK GOD BUSH, ASHCROFT AND THE PATRIOT ACT ARE HERE TO PROTECT YOU. YOU WONT BE SAFE UNLESS YOU REELECT BUSH .. ET CETERA AD NASEUM. Also, Mayfields profile as a Muslim and former lawyer of a Portland 7 member made it possible for Mayfield to be convicted (or at least incarcerated and covertly investigated without generating an uproar - since reasonable suspicion could be demonstrated to the court and used as an explanation for the public) on fingerprint evidence alone.

The frameing would have worked (Mayfield would still be incarcerated - as would many of his innocent associates by now!), except the new spanish government must have cut the spanish conspirator(s) out of the loop and unable to carry out the frame nor adequately cover it up (cover up the nonexistence of fingerprint evidence implicating Mayfield, that is). With lack of this support, the FBI conspirators tried for over a month to get other Spanish police officers to conspire with them, but failed and had to release Mayfield. So, just before the FBI found out the Spanish police were going to report the absence of Mayfield's fingerprint, they released Mayfield with an apology and an official explanation that Mayfield's arrest was the result of "fingerprint misidentification". The official explanation is, for several reasons, impossible! Yet the national news media has accepted and reported this blatantly inadequate explanation to the exclusion of all else and is gradually shifting the emphasis from the incongruities in Mayfield's case to unrelated systemic problems within the FBI's fingerprint analysis department. Furthermore, I believe Mayfield's frameing involved more planning than 6 days (after the bombing) would have allowed! Therefore, the conspirators most likely had foreknowledge of, and thus a hand in, the Madrid bombing!

Unfortunately, (although the national news on Mayfield's case has been sparse, underplayed and incomplete and many of the FBI' statements about the case have been suspiciously contradictory, defensive, and highly, highly improbable) everything that I have been able to infer from expansive news searches has strongly confirmed this radical theory. I will send you the first copy of an editorial I am preparing to back up my theory. I invite you and anyone to find a more probable explanation than the one I have set forth! Assume my theory is correct and reread everything from the news about the Madrid bombing and Mayfield's case and you will find it all make's sence. Even from the Spanish side. Aznar's government attempted to implicate political opponents in Spain (the ETA) in the Madrid bombings in a what appears to have been a counter-productive attempt to generate suspicion toward those opponents and to drum up support for the war on terror (abroad and at-home) and sway the Spanish elections - even though evidence implicated other (Al-queda) operatives. So, it is not to much of a stretch to imagine that Aznar('s administration) would conspire with Bush('s administration) to target the same kind's of political opponents here in the U.S. - for the same reasons.

I have found the best confirmation of this theory in a NY Times article by Sarah Kershaw titled Spain and U.S. at Odds on Mistaken Terror Arrest and dated June 5, 2004. The article is also posted on portland.indymedia.org. The article includes comments by some Spanish Police who just reported that unidentified (FBI?) agents unsucessfully attempted to convince them they had Mayfield prints - despite the evidence which these same spanish police have insisted for nearly 2 months to the FBI now did not implicate Mayfield. What these Spanish police are constrained from saying is that the FBI was working and making investigative assumptions on the basis of a forged fingerprint. If you read between their lines that is exactly what these spanish police officers are trying to tell the world.

Thank you.

I am John Kennedy,
I live in Portland Oregon.
Please email me -  Undefneable@hotmail.com