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NEW Caption, Please ! ! !

ok, this one is just _____BEGGING____ for a new, customized caption or speech bubble.

HAVE AT IT ! ! !
(Associated Press Photo) June 2, 2003: President Bush salutes graduates at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony at the Air Force Academy, Colo.
857 02.Jun.2004 22:24


"I know your pulling all the strings in this administration, but , dammit Dick do you have to have to put your hand up my ass and call me your puppet boy?"

I've had it up to here 02.Jun.2004 22:27


with all this democracy, let's whip out our crosses and our tanks and destroy all that's not right! Rummy, can we? can we???

You need a good bitch-slappin', America! 02.Jun.2004 22:51

st just

You need a good bitch-slappin', America!

. 02.Jun.2004 23:04


wooden soldiers on parade

I can't unwind my arm!! 03.Jun.2004 03:16


It's not the French Pox, is it?

Heil 03.Jun.2004 09:10


Heil Myself!!

The Great Bushini 03.Jun.2004 09:24


"For my next mentalist trick . . . uh wait . . . do I need a brain to do mentalist tricks, Dick?"

new metrics 03.Jun.2004 11:38


I think we're up to here with the bullshit, so far...

Coneheads are real 03.Jun.2004 20:49

They use pinheads

Yes sir, Beldar. Soon all of earth will be in chaos, and your Conehead army will easily take control. This will be the first step in the intergalactic dominance of the Remulak Empire! Thank you sir, thank you for choosing me as your agent! I always knew you weren't from France...

great 04.Jun.2004 02:27

judge, jury, executioner

"Heil Myself!!!" wins for me.