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We are a peaceful nation with an all volunteer military, um, defense.

Army delays retirements for Iraq-bound troops.
WASHINGTON - The Army will prevent soldiers in units set to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan from leaving the service at the end of their terms, a top general said Wednesday.

is it me 02.Jun.2004 21:05


is this old news?

no 02.Jun.2004 23:28


It's new gnews

very old news 03.Jun.2004 15:55

military guy

stop-loss orders are old news indeed. Hell, it happened to me back in the early 90's.

Old news is new news 04.Jun.2004 08:42

Crucified Ego

The point is they're doing it again, and in bigger proportions. Everyone knows this is just a backdoor draft, and, eventually, the real thing will come along.