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Let's Compare the Women of the DPRK to their Counterparts in the US!

Dear Comrades,

Earlier, as part of My activities as Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), I e-mail distributed some materials sent to us from the Korean Democratic Women's Union in Socialist Korea via the NDFSK vanguards. This was for a request from certain college student personages,etc.

Their is an interesting effort being waged from within the US, of comparison betwen the US women and the DPRK women by some comrades on our end. Not to meddle too far in the good work and tasks being perfomed by my comrades, but just a thought...

Here are some concrete things which the DPRK can confirm:
"- Annual regular paid leave system and 5-month paid maternal leave system are enforced for women.

- Special maternity benefits are provided.

- Creches and kindergartens are splendidly established everywhere women are working and the State takes care of the children at its expenses.

- Women with more than 3 children under the age of 13 work 6 hours a day and receive salaries equal to that of 8-hour work.

- Social and material conditions are improved for the women who give birth to many children and rear them well.

o In case a family has more than 3 children, the State bears more than 50% of the costs of children's goods and school things.

o Rations are provided in white rice for pregnant women, mothers with children under the age of 12 months and children under the age of 4 years.

o Women with more than 3 children receive special compensations every month per child until the children graduate the higher middle school.

o In case a family has more than 3 children under school-age, the children can go to the weekly creches or kindergartens preferentially to be reared by the State.

o Breastfeeding mothers can enjoy rest system receiving rations according to their choices from 4 months to 12 months after the birth."

Now their is a SERIOUS problem with trying to compare this to the US; a very serious problem, indeed.

That because NONE of these rights exist for working mothers in the US, at least in whole or on a UNIVERSAL LEVEL. Their's just NOTHING to compare.I imagine my comrades will be disappointed by the fact that this is doomed to be a very short essay. ( LOL!!!)

It can be phrased and finished as follows:

"Even though they live under an embargo, don't have the stolen resources of the epicentre of imperialism, are forced to place emphasis on "bullets and ammunition" and not "cookies and candies" for the sake of SURVIVAL, and even though they are facing the threat of NUCLEAR WAR, as a tiny split-in-two nation, Working Mothers have it 100 x's easier and get 1,000 x's more respect, than their counterparts in the US!"

The US sucks and doesn't have a right talking about Human Rights. What's new?

With all due respect, to my comrades in the anti-war movement, who think support for the socialist block and the DPRK, is somehow supporting "human rights violations" and "totalitarianism", or think that the DPRK is "just as bad as Bush", GET REAL!!! Their's just no comparing the DPRK to the US. Particularly, this is true, when you have this nation's wealth (the US) and yet its perfectly "normal" to see people eat out of a garbage can! ( I recommend the burrittos, myself.)

Later we will get into other things like:

"In our country, universal compulsory 11-year education system and free medical care system have already been enforced long ago and everybody, regardless of the sexes, are receiving free-education and free-medial care."

The US would be doing the DPRK the way it does Iraq IF IT DIDN'T HAVE SONGUN ARMY-BASED SOCIALISM AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! I know the good little hippies think that a nation which suffered AT LEAST more than 1.25 MILLION more DEATHS than even Vietnam Did ( that is at least FOUR MILLION IN THREE YEARS)
, should appeal to the moral appeal of Rumsfeld, but the rest of the world doesn't feel that what, particularly the periphery (third world).

Without Songun Politics, the DPRK would be a bombed out ghetto and tourist trap from AmeriKKKans, were they could have litttle 12 yr old "comfort girls" and Phil Knight could have a nice slave-wage shop.

Come on now, their's just no comparing a military DETERANT force to a militaristic offensive and threatening force. It like saying anti-imperialism and imperialism are "just as bad". When the DPRK most defiantly stands strong we get weaker and weaker on the left here. This isn't about the DPRK. It's about the FAKE left here. It's about Pro-US chauvenism, and its about stil functioning in the imperialist paradigm, having illusions about the gun as the primary mode in our era of fierce anti-imperialist class struggle. Its about getting involved in opertunistic issues and playing to the lowest common denominator, because it just isn't hip, fun, popular, groovy, or sexy to take principle stances against opertunism and chauvenism, to combat pro-imperialist elements and reactionary ideas.

Somehow I think this says more about how reactionary WE, in the US are ( including fake leftists) than it does about the DPRK.

By the way, who ever, thinks the DPRK labor system functions under a "stalinist" (misnomer)burocratic method should research the tanean work system.

Maybe next, we'll compare and contast
the DPRK and US labor system, and then The DPRK versus US on "Human Rights abuses" INCLUDING THE FACT THAT THE US HAS A HIGHER PER CAPITA PRISON POPULATION. Perhaps the CIA Front, Marcello, could comment on this, and also it would be nice to here him demand the release of AmeriKKKan Political Prisoners. He won't though, because he's a capitalist stooge.If he does, it only bbecause he is PRESSED TO.

In short the US's fuss about DPRK "human Rights abuses" come down to the fact that the US can't buy out their leadership, like other countries that establish "Market Socialism" and because the US knows the DPRK will SMASH
IMPERIALISM AGAIN, BUT EVEN HARDER, if the US attempts aggression.

Death to US Imperialism ( and that isn't a bicycle or knitting club)!

--- John Paul Cupp

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/dprkwomenstudies.html

don't forget their grass soup alotment 02.Jun.2004 19:26

Dixie Cupp

As my boy JP just stated, DPRK women are taken far better care of than I ever was when little JP was growing up. Grass soup has antioxidents and essential micro nutrients necessary for young comrades to grow up strong. When was the last time any of you saw a nursing mother in AmeriKKKa sipping grass soup?

The people’s dentist. 02.Jun.2004 20:06

fuck that!

You said "The fact that you SUCKERS HAVE TO PAY TO GET YOUR TEETH FIXED! "

Well listen to this...

My wife grew up in the USSR, and when she got to a dentist in the US he x-rayed her and told me the bill was going to be $8,600 for all of the work. He also said the dentist in the USSR didn't excavate the entire root of the tooth when doing the root canals she had. He said they left about 15 percent of it and it had become abscessed.

I told him that he didn't understand. My wife had those root canals done without any novicane or any other anystetic. She had to sit and have two nurses hold her down as they drilled her teeth out without any pain killer.

So, yes in the US its expensive to have your teeth taken care of properly. Also in a socialist country health care is "free". Whatever the fuck Free means.

You sound angry 02.Jun.2004 23:11


I take it you'll be moving to DPRK in the near future. This way you can kill 2 birds with one stone. One, you can give us a first hand account of how much better life for you over there. Secondly, you may feel some of your rage dissipate. How about it?

JP Cupp is a moron 03.Jun.2004 21:31

Mother of Sam

"In case a family has more than 3 children under school-age, the children can go to the weekly creches or kindergartens preferentially to be reared by the State."

JP- what the hell is wrong with you? You're romanticizing a totalitarian government that is MORE oppressive in some ways than ours. You're just a parrot, spouting a party line for something you can't possibly have thought very hard about. For the past year or so, you have been posting this crap on indymedia. It has gone from a curiosity, to annoying, to just plain sad. Why don't you go check out North Korea for yourself?

He won't go 03.Jun.2004 21:54


He's a coward