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Tre's Hearing Continues (AGAIN) Tuesday, June 8th

Updating the continuing immigration hearing, and clarifying Tre's dietary needs.
Hearing adjourned to next Tuesday, June 8.

The immigration and refugee board requires still more time to hear evidence on Tre's admissibility to Canada. The hearing will resume next Tuesday, June 8. The proceedings are closed to the public, and we have no information on what evidence is being presented.

Tre and his supporters hope the board will order him released on bail. He also intends to pursue a claim for political refugee status in Canada. On the other hand, the immigration board could rule Tre is not admissible to Canada, and he would face immediate deportation to the US, according to court observers.

Friends and allies are present outside the hearing room every day to greet Tre and boost his spirits as he is brought in and out. More importantly, we're providing him with the food he needs to slow down his catastrophic weight loss.

It may be hard for some to understand why Tre won't eat animal ingredients, cooked or processed foods. He has told us his system can't tolerate those ingredients; they offer him little nourishment and actually make him ill. After years on a raw vegan diet, he simply can't digest other kinds of food. His nutritional needs can only be met with raw vegan food.

As his supporters, we recognize that Tre knows what he can and can't eat. Even if we disagreed with his assessment, we wouldn't try to dictate to him. It is ludicrous to suggest that Tre is starving himself. Obviously, he's very concerned about possible health complications caused by losing forty pounds in ten weeks. We are all worried about the risks of further weight loss. And we are working to convince BC Corrections that their draconian regulations serve no legitimate interest, and instead cause a great deal of harm.

BC Department of Corrections now says they will grant Tre access to the food he requires if a medical doctor orders it. Vancouver folks have contacted a MD who understands raw food diets, and we hope he will make the recommendation right away. Meanwhile, we continue to give Tre our unwavering support.

Tre's incarceration, I would argue, has galvanized hundreds of people across the continent involved in diverse issues: forest defense, direct action, the FBI and civil rights abuses, and justice for prisoners. The fact that he's so well known in the Pacific Northwest only brings more attention to these issues. I believe support for Tre may also extend to dozens of other activists held in prisons around the world who also deserve our support. Needless to say, we are focusing on the urgent threats to our wild places and our freedoms, not on creating a celebrity prisoner.

Thanks to everybody who volunteers their time, energy, and cash for imprisoned activists
Thanks so much for the updates 02.Jun.2004 18:16


and your kind words clarifying Tre's possition.
Thanks so much for all you do

Tre is in Jail for Theft 06.Jun.2004 15:50


Tre was caught stealing "Bolt Cutters" and will be deported and barred for life from returning to Canada.