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Tragic Reality of the Mianstream Movement

Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front Calls the Vanguard to action. Protesters and activists sell out the movement by submitting to Designated "free" Speech Zones.
The upcoming G-8 summit at Sea Island is a typical example of how our beloved "Movement" has sold out our Cause. Crying foul over security measures put in place so that the figure head puppets of the illegal regimes known as the 8 industialized nations propped up by the agenda of its legitimizer the corporate military industrial entertainment complex.

These "enlightened" activists and collectives of social justice crusaders are pandering, groveling and submitting to the will of the very exploiters themselves. Petitioning for a permit, subscribing to legatgation in the very courts of the corrupted regime it wishes to protest against. Accepting a Designated Free Speech Zone(s) established by the State so that they can yet agian be paraded before the corporate media nad the very people we wish to enlighten to the Cause as clowns and deluded wackos in images of propaganda to further isolate the Movement from the Masses.

"Congress shall make no law ----- of the right of the people to peacibly assemble for redress of grievances...."

paraphrased from the First Amendment of the US Constitution

Is it not obvious to all who can see? Is it not even clearly visible that two things are necessary if there is to be change? First the mainstream "movement" with its activist and independent media channels are as much puppets of the reimge as the leaders at the upcoming summit; by suckeling on the bloated infected tits of the "justice" system and drinking in the spoiled milk of the illusion of civil liberties, this MOvement with is its self absorbed cause heads, reformists, dullisioned wishful thinkers, and dogmatic apologists subscribing to an agenda that accomplishes nothing but the stagnanation of the efforts for progress. No longer can We, those of us who have the will, and the commitment allow the movement to dictate and lead the struggle for liberation, it has not the stomach for the action required. The movement is concerned with insurance for a revolution, with legalizing that which is our right. Revolution is our only course of action for change.

Secondly that which is ours shall be claimed: brothers and sisters, comrades and guerrillas in the struggle to free the people from the yoke of tyranny, it is our duty to strike in response to the G_8 to support the War of Liberation but we should not submit to being corraled like cattle into "Free Speech Zones". No we shall rise up locally and strike at targets of the oppression stage our own campaign of justice. to be cliche think globally act locally....

rally to the cause, rise our banners over our own homes, towns and countries. let us liberate ourselves, our bnrothers and siters dear comrades. turn your back on the activists and the mainstream movement with its distorted mouth piece the IMC's for they have attempted to sell out the crusade for liberation, to hemoginize it. what they have done is tresonous they have tried to marginalize those who do not stand with them in their agenda of shallow rhetoric and being subjected to to the controls of the unjust state. Apply for a permit, petition for the right to protest, cry foul about it and accept a concilation of free speech zones. in doing this they have become an enemy of the true cause, an obstacle to liberation of the people. What would our revolutionary heros and icons say, che would roll over in hsi grave, linin, trotsky and so many more word probably feel such shame for what we have become to bring them in to tears.

this is a call to action for the vanguard, take action do not let others dictate them for us, if you do you betray all which we struggle for.

the Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front is perpared to undertake its own offensive will you brave and courageous members of the vanguard join with us in the coming weeks to demostrate our outrage with the G8, the unjust incrouchments of the state in its security measures and the contnued exitence of the corporate military industrial entertainment complexa nd it lap dog the state.

please feel free to request aid and collaberation from our reources.

the urban guerrilla liberation front

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/u_ge_l_f

WERD 05.Jun.2004 21:33

( )( )<=====oo

i dont much care bout linin or trotsky but booyaka man lets stand up! you go first...