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9.11 investigation

Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens this Month

Michael Moore's Documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" opens nationwide Friday, June 25th.
What else can I say?

homepage: homepage: http://www.michaelmoore.com

How about where it's playing in Portland? 02.Jun.2004 09:48

curious bystander

Apart from the flash message when you access Moore's website, there's no mention of where it's playing in Portland... or anywhere for that matter.

Is this showing at everybody's favorite "Regal Cinemas"....?

Anti-Saudi warmongering 02.Jun.2004 12:46

Jack Straw

Yeah, let's hear it for Moore. Let's go watch his latest bit of anti-Saudi warmongering. You see, it wasn't the US gov't that perpetrated 9/11, it was them Saudis, let's go get them (his exact message several times he was on Democracy Now). So let's go cheer Sir Michael and feel smug at what great liberals we are.

Hmm...I got the impression... 02.Jun.2004 18:37

Mr. Smith

...that Moore's documentary would be anti-war by showing that a patriotic, pro-war mother changes her tune after her son is killed in combat. I guess I will wait to see the film before saying what it is or is not, hmmm?

Exposed 02.Jun.2004 20:21

Baseball bat

FRed Barnes exposed Moore as a 4-star liar in the 5/31 edition of the Weekly Standard. Read and learn.

"Exposed"? 02.Jun.2004 21:51


you mean,

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Powell, Rice et al. AREN'T five-star liars?

who tells bigger or more elaborate lies, at greater monetary and human blood cost?

Little Lies, Big Lies 03.Jun.2004 00:55


People point out minor inconsistencies in Moore's stuff and then imply the greater issues are incorrect too. If these were lies they'd sue his ass off, you know it and I know it.

Coming to a theater near us . . . and them 03.Jun.2004 08:56

Lawrence J. Maushard

Of course, the big question is how many fence-sitters will see the movie.

This flick won't do much for those with already formed opinions of Shrub and his Gang. So it'll be very interesting to see if Fahrenheit 911 really does play to a wide audience. If it does, I think the GOP can kiss their White House occupation asses goodbye.

Praise the efforts of Michael Moore. He is obviously on the side of the working men and women.

Hey, "Exposed" above. Here's some reading for ya. 03.Jun.2004 10:40

complete disclosure

Here's Moore's reaction to the Fred Barnes piece:

On January 18, 1988, I published an interview with Fred Barnes in a publication which I edited at the time, called Moore's Weekly. I interviewed Mr. Barnes about his comments on the January 2, 1988 edition of "The McLaughlin Report," in which he expressed support for then Secretary of the Education William Bennett's theory that high school curriculum should be dominated by courses in classic Greek and English literature.

I asked Fred to share his views about two well-known classics, "the Iliad" by Homer and Dante's Inferno. Barnes reiterated to me that these books are "what everybody oughta learn. They're easy to read."

In the course of my interview, I decided to give him a pop quiz. As you can see, Fred didn't do so well. (View Moore's Weekly page one and page two, and the full column on Barnes on the Moore Web site. www.michaelmoore.com)

The conservative paper, The Washington Times, liked my interview with Mr. Barnes and the paper wrote about it in their January 22, 1988 "Inside the Beltway" column (you can see it on the Moore Web site). The Washington Times is the kind of paper Fred Barnes probably reads before he gets out of bed in the morning.

Fred Barnes did not complain when I published the interview with him 16-years-ago. He did not complain when the Washington Times article appeared in 1988. It was not until April 2002, when Stupid White Men came out, which recounted the Mr. Barnes interview, that Fox's Brit Hume reported, "Fred Barnes told me today that he never talked to Moore in his life, and that he has read both "The Odyssey" and "The Iliad" cover to cover in college."

Now that that my movie Fahrenheit 9-11 is receiving significant attention, Mr. Barnes has seen fit to publicly deny the whole thing again, even though I last referenced the interview in a book published two years ago.

Now, the cynically-inclined might say that Mr. Barnes, who has steadily faded into obscurity as an editor of a small circulation weekly, is trying to take advantage of the moment. I prefer to give Mr. Barnes the benefit of the doubt and credit his belated complaint to a fading memory. We all forget things sometimes, Fred. No hard feelings here.

Michael Moore

Limited Hangout 22.Jun.2004 15:24

Lisa M abilisaja@aol.com

There seem to be a few of you who think Moore believes "the Saudis are responsible, so go bomb them." Moore has never advocated invasion, war, bombing. In fact the opposite. He has expressed support for a "police action" against those responsible for 9-11, and I applaud his effort to widen the scope on just who is should be included in that "police action." But I also KNOW for a FACT that he is holding his cards to his chest; he's doing a limited hangout, a la Richard Clarke. Moore knows that if he says "Bush Knew" it will brand him a conspiracy nut-- so he's laying it out for us to figure out for ourselves.

Moore knows Bush knew... hey, so does Zinn. I wish he had the balls to say it, but I think he made a calculated decision to go only so far, then let the people sort out the facts.

Was it action, or decided INaction on the part of Cheney and Co. which caused, or allowed, 9-11 to happen? Either way, they do the perp walk.

Pro War? 27.Jun.2004 11:34


I just saw the film. Sure, the movie exposes the extensive relationship between the Bushes, the Saudi Royal Family, big oil, big defense, and big money, but Moore never comes close to advocating war against the Saudis. The movie is conspiratorial and emotionally manupulative, but certainly entertaining. Worth a see.