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Who are you voting for in November?

Who are you voting for in November? And why?
Or have you decided yet?

I'm torn between hating the Bush administration enough to be willing to vote for Kerry (who's been way too wishy washy on Iraq and is looking like a status quo Democrat) and liking Nader's platform a lot but knowing there's not even a slim chance he could be elected. (And if he's elected, how much could he get done, given that he's an independent and congress is very partisan?) Since there's so much "anybody but Bush sentiment," Kerry doesn't have to be terribly liberal to get lots of votes. And look at what happened with Gore... he was way too moderate and couldn't fire up the left, so Nader got the "real" left.

I'm probably voting for Potter for mayor. Francesconi is typical political slime. I mean, campaign funding sleeze before he's even in office? And hearing him speak on KATU decided it for me. He moved his lips a lot, but nothing of substance came out. Potter was the chief of police, but I haven't heard anything in terms of him supporting abusive police, so it might not be much of a factor.

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