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Starving for Justice: Tre's Ordeal Continues

Tre Arrow may be returning to Portland if Canada won't allow him to stay. His hunger strike is over, but Tre's lost even more weight because BC Corrections is literally starving him.
Tre Arrow began presenting his case to a Canadian immigration panel yesterday in Vancouver. The imprisoned forest activist also had his first decent meal since his arrest March 13.
Hands cuffed behind his back, wearing a red prison shirt, Tre called out to supporters as he was led into the closed hearing room: "Thank you so much for the food! My belly hasn't felt this full in months. I love you, I love you so much!" Tre's friends and allies clapped and cheered as guards hustled him away down the hall.
After six weeks on a hunger strike, Tre is once again eating vegan raw food. But BC Corrections won't provide him with an adequate diet. He survives on a few salads and apples each week.
Tre now weighs just 109 pounds, 40 pounds less than ten weeks ago. His wrists look like sticks, and the bones of his face stand out clearly in the glare of the fluorescent lights.
Supporters in BC pooled their resources to lay out an organic raw food smorgasbord for Tre this week, including homemade guacamole, kiwis, dates, and coconut milk. On hearing days, when he's taken from Port Coquitlam to downtown Vancouver, Tre is allowed to have outside food. Otherwise, officials at the maximum-security detention centre refuse to allow his supporters to bring him what he needs. His devastating weight loss is caused by a lack of fat and protein in his diet.
Tre's hearing for admissibility to Canada continues tomorrow (June 2), and a decision is expected in the afternoon.
thanks Jane! 01.Jun.2004 19:34


you rock grrrl! thaanks for keeping us posted.

Seems that 02.Jun.2004 08:33


The story's spin is that the prison is starving Tre. But he refuses to eat what is given to him. If Tre isn't getting enough protein and fats, that's his fault.

would you please wake up? 02.Jun.2004 12:18

raw for 3 yrs

Once you are raw you experience health benefits that are indescribable. They are radically different from just going vegetarian or vegan. If you go back to cooked food after a long time, you will get very ill in the beginning. It is also a very unpleasant experience. With all the money these first world govts have, I find it hard to believe that the prison system can not afford to feed freh fruit to their prisoners. At the bare minimum, it would save quite a bit on medical bills.

tre is cool and all, but... 02.Jun.2004 13:19


i hope tre gets to stay in canada and is not subject to the american "justice" system. i don't know much about him, and i don't believe much that i hear about him. whether he was involved in eco-sabotage or not, i don't think it is terrorism and i don't think you should be able to put someone in jail for crimes that were not aimed at injuring people. corporations are not people, and should not have laws protecting their well-being. at least not in a free market capitalist society. but as we all know, free market capitalism would destroy itself and humankind if it weren't for the laws that give the corporations protections from themselves and the problems that they bring about.

anyway, the main reason i wanted to comment is because even though tre arrow may be cool or may be the next jesus or ghandi or something if you want to believe that, i don't think we should idolize him so much. it's cool to help him, but we shouldn't build him into something he is not, and we shouldn't sell our own selves short. just like the civil rights movement was not about martin luther king, this movement is not about tre arrow or anyone else who would be our "leader". it is about the people, the ones who are oppressed. let's not forget that.

peace and all that

Question 02.Jun.2004 14:07

Raw vs. Vegan humanrights05@hotmail.com

Just a random question that's kind of unrelated to this article: How is 'raw' veganism different from regular veganism? I'm assuming from what I've heard that you don't eat cooked food?

And if that's the case...um, I don't want to sound bad here, but what's the point? Is there a reason to not cook vegan food? I say this as someone who is vegetarian for *ETHICAL* reasons, so I'm not sure why cooking food would be seen as bad...

Is the basis premise that cooking food is bad for your health? Because man discovered fire thousands and thousands of years ago, so that whole concept seems kind of silly to me, because if it's bad for our health, it's been bad for our health since the beginning of civilization and I'm thinking someone would have figured it out.

But that was a tangent. People that are vegan or vegetarian for health reasons annoy me. But this might not even be about health. So basically I'm just curious about why some people feel it's better to be raw vegan vs. vegan. I don't even buy the argument in veganism vs. vegetarianism (Yes, extracting cheese and milk from cows in factory farms is horrible, but guess what? So is buying coffee and chocolate made from slave labor, or wearing clothing made from slave labor, and the fact is no matter how hard we try to buy cleanly and live cleanly, so much of the stuff in American stores is made from the hardships of others that it's pretty much impossible to live without being tainted, so it's better that we try to CHANGE the system of trade and exploitation, of humans and animals, rather than just try *unsuccessfully* to live outside the system. Look what happened with Christiana in Denmark. I don't think that eating products from animals is fundamentally wrong the way I think slaughtering them for meat is...I believe that the way they are treated is fundamentally wrong, and that's one of the things we as activists have to change.)

Another tangent :). Anyway, go Tre Arrow!

RAW vegan 02.Jun.2004 17:35

Meredith meredith@niilo.ca

I'm not even going to finish reading your Vegan VS RAW Vegan VS Vegetarian comments. (Sorry.)

When people are RAW vegan, it is almost always for environmental reasons. (Yes, there are vegans for reasons other than animal rights.) The processing of food puts a harsh toll on the environment and its resources.

Please look into it. It's quite worthwhile.

raw veganism is different then a raw food diet 02.Jun.2004 17:53


A raw foodist is willing to eat animal products, ie sashimi and milk.

Just so you know

Tre's Nutritional Requirements 02.Jun.2004 17:57

Jane Doe, Vancouver

It may be hard for some to understand why Tre won't eat animal ingredients, cooked or processed foods. He has told us his system can't tolerate those ingredients; they offer him little nourishment and actually make him ill. After years on a raw vegan diet, he simply can't digest other kinds of food. His nutritional needs can only be met with raw vegan food.

As his supporters, we recognize that Tre knows what he can and can't eat. Even if we disagreed with his assessment, we wouldn't try to dictate to him. It is ludicrous to suggest that Tre is starving himself. Obviously, he's very concerned about possible health complications caused by losing forty pounds in ten weeks. We are all worried about the risks of further weight loss. And we are working to convince BC Corrections that their draconian regulations serve no legitimate interest, and instead cause a great deal of harm.

BC Department of Corrections now says they will grant Tre access to the food he requires if a medical doctor orders it. Vancouver folks have contacted a MD who understands raw food diets, and we hope he will make the recommendation right away. Meanwhile, we continue to give Tre our unwavering support.

Tre's incarceration, I would argue, has galvanized hundreds of people across the continent involved in diverse issues: forest defense, direct action, the FBI and civil rights abuses, and justice for prisoners. The fact that he's so well known in the Pacific Northwest only brings more attention to these issues. I believe support for Tre may also extend to dozens of other activists held in prisons around the world who also deserve our support. Needless to say, we are focusing on the urgent threats to our wild places and our freedoms, not on creating a celebrity prisoner.

Thanks to everybody who volunteers their time, energy, and cash for imprisoned activists

Updates? 02.Jun.2004 19:05


A raw foodist wouldn't drink the sort of milk you find in the store. (Or most likely packaged sashimi.) However, we're not talking about raw foodists, but raw VEGANS. A vegan is definitely against sashimi and dairy.

Anwyay, are there any updates from Tre's hearing today? (Wednesday?) I haven't heard anything, and this is why I checked back here.

Please email me at  meredith@niilo.ca if you have any updates on Tre's whearabouts and if he was granted bail!

Hearing Continues June 8 02.Jun.2004 19:33

Jane Doe, Vancouver

From the newswire:
Hearing adjourned to next Tuesday, June 8.

The immigration and refugee board requires still more time to hear evidence on Tre's admissibility to Canada. The hearing will resume next Tuesday, June 8. The proceedings are closed to the public, and we have no information on what evidence is being presented.

Tre and his supporters hope the board will order him released on bail. He also intends to pursue a claim for political refugee status in Canada. On the other hand, the immigration board could rule Tre is not admissible to Canada, and he would face immediate deportation to the US, according to court observers.

Friends and allies are present outside the hearing room every day to greet Tre and boost his spirits as he is brought in and out. More importantly, we're providing him with the food he needs to slow down his catastrophic weight loss.

Still not sure I get it.... 02.Jun.2004 23:29


So how is being raw vegan for enviromental reasons? Does cooking food really contribute to that much pollution?

Do you have any good internet links where I could read up on this?

theres a difference between support and worship 03.Jun.2004 13:27


To evo. This attention is on Tre for the moment because he is a cool guy (like many of us) who is in a world of shit right now. No where here does anybody treat him like a second jesus or something. What would you prefer, for us to ignore him during this insane plight he's going through? We have to support the movements prisoners in any way we can. I agree that celebrities culture sucks but this is not the same thing. He is inside for us, we are out here for him.

Bullshit 03.Jun.2004 18:22


You stated:
"His nutritional needs can only be met with raw vegan food. "

Bullshit. The human-body is very adaptable -

To Sherry 04.Jun.2004 10:12


I'm not a raw vegan, but I can think of no reason why a prisoner should not be provided this low-cost, simple food of choice. People have many personal, private reasons for their dietary choices, which they don't have to explain or justify to others.

To Raw vs. Vegan 04.Jun.2004 10:27


Why would people who eat vegetarian and vegan for health reasons annoy you? Since the 60s, just about every medical study on vegetarian diets (hundreds of them) that was not funded by the meat and dairy industries has shown that a vegan diet is far healthier than a non-vegan diet. There are some good books out there that you can read and also look up those studies if you want to. The most noteworthy author on this matter is John Robbins, long-time vegan son of the founder of Baskin Robbins, who renounced inheritance of the family fortune for personal, ethical reasons.

I've been a vegan for the past ten years, and an otherwise complete vegetarian for the past 32 years. At 48, I suffer no aches and pains, look far younger than I am compared to others my age, am slim and fit, am very active, take no supplements or meds, and sleep 5-6 hours a night.

Also, if you don't want animals to die for your diet, you will want to know that when dairy cattle stop producing milk, they are slaughtered for meat. To keep lactating, they are kept in breeding capacity, the male offspring getting raised for beef. This happens even in totally organic dairy farming. So non-vegan vegetarians do contribute to animal killing.