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Vancouver, B.C. --The hearing adjourned again this afternoon until tomorrow at 10 am. Tre is looking better and received more good food today. His lawyers appear to be in good spirits about the proceedings.
He send his love to you all.
Please hold Tre, and those deciding his fate tonight, in
the Light. His court date was held over till Tuesday while the adjudicator
considers what was presented. Please hold space and
clear intentions for his release tomorrow. Tre needs our love and Blessings
more than ever now. Light a candle, visualize the adudicator realizing that
the answer is to find Tre admissible and release him on bail. Visualize
Tre's smile and his beauty and surround him with white light. See him
stepping out into the light of day and into our arms. See him free and know
it to be true in your heart. Reach out to him in your dreams.

homepage: homepage: http://trearrow.org

Again? 01.Jun.2004 17:47


Hey there. Tre's hearing was adjourned AGAIN? or is this a late update? So, therefore, it is adjourned now until WEDNESDAY morning? (June 2) ???

June 2nd - Decision expected 01.Jun.2004 19:35

Jane Doe

That's correct, the hearing was adjourned to Wednesday. This may indicate that immigration officials are looking very carefully at his case rather than just dismissing it outright. We'll be sure to post the outcome right away.
The photo shown here was taken a couple weeks ago.

ok... 01.Jun.2004 23:02

kinda freaked out

looking a little like Manson here...

see? 01.Jun.2004 23:10

still freaked

who's who?: