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***Racial Justice Day of Actions - June 7 - Keynote Speaker: MUMIA! - PLEASE JOIN US!!!***

Greetings, Racial Justice, Peace, and Global Movement Activists!
THOUSANDS will be pouring into San Francisco this weekend to RECLAIM THE COMMONS (RTC)! One of the main goals of the RTC Mobilization is Movement Building, specifically to strengthen the ties among the Racial Justice, Peace, and Global Movements. With this in mind, organizers across the country have planned an incredible week of actions and events June 3--9 (check out  http://www.reclaimthecommons.net). Please join us on June 7 for the Racial Justice Day of Actions...

BIG KICK-OFF ACTION!!! 10am--12 noon, ***No Taxes for Torture at Home or Abroad!!!***-- SF Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate, culminating in a short march to the State Bldg, Van Ness & McAllister. Expose the parallels between abuses at Abu Ghraib and abuses at prisons across the U.S! ***Demand the Shut-down of all California Youth Authority (CYA) Prisons and an End to the Illegal Occupations of Iraq and Palestine!*** Keynote speakers: MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, who recorded a special commentary for RTC & the Racial Justice Day of Actions that will be premiered at this event; VAN JONES of the Ella Baker Center, which launched the CYA campaign, SAMINA FAHEEM of American Muslin Voice, who will speak on Iraq. Program also includes HIP-HOP, SPOKEN WORD, POWERFUL VISUALS, & STREET THEATER. NOTE: Rally & March are PERMITTED EVENTS. This action endorsed and/or organized by RTC, Ella Baker Center, Let's Get Free, Books Not Bars, Direct Action to Stop the War, & San Francisco Bay View Newspaper (see below for full list of RTC endorsers).

***Bring PLACARDS spotlighting CRITICAL R-J GOALS: environmental justice, equality in education, an end to police brutality, immigrant rights, an end to torture under cover of 9-1-1, sustainable jobs, decent affordable housing, restorative justice, and so on!!!***

CALL FOR AUTONOMOUS ACTIONS!!! Call for actions all afternoon that spotlight racial-justice issues at home and abroad! PLEASE post an ASSEMBLY POINT for your action on the RTC WEB SITE calendar ( http://www.reclaimthecommons.net), so others can join and /or support the action. Contact the RTC Media Team 415- 305-5345, if you want media for your action!

5000 POSTCARDS!!! 5000 half-postcards available for outreach for the R-J Day of Actions. Please contact 415-731-7924 or  chalicenew@earthlink.net to arrange a drop-off/pick-up!!! POSTERS also available for downloading at the RTC web site:  http://www.reclaimthecommons.net/article.php?id=87

RTC ENDORSERS: American Muslim Voice Black Cat Media Collective Books Not Bars Californians for GE-Free Agriculture Center for Economic Research and Social Change Circle of Life Coalition on Homelessness Coconino Anarchist Tribe Community First Coalition Direct Action to Stop the War East Bay Animal Advocates East Bay Gray Panthers Ecolibrium Environmental Shop The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Eugene Peaceworks Flagstaff Activist Network The Farmer to Farmer Campaign on Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering Action Network GeneWise Global Exchange Global Justice Ecology Project GMO-free Kauai The Green Bloc - National Coalition Greenwood Earth Alliance Hemp Evolution The Hesperian Foundation Idriss Stelley Foundation Institute for Social Ecology International Socialist Organization Julia Butterfly Hill Kipchoge and the ginger ninjas Lets Get Free Literacy for Environmental Justice Cooperative Marin Peace and Justice Coalition Mobile Residents for Civil Rights New College of California's Green it Up! Project North Carolina Citizens for Safe Food Occidental Arts & Ecology Center The ORGANIC Collective Organic Consumers Association Peace and Freedom Party People's Health Movement Environmental Justice PMS Media Pomona College Anarcho-Community Garden and Gurilla Farming Club Project Censored Public Citizen La Raza Centro Legal Reclaiming Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap Campaign Seeds Of Peace\Bay area collective The Socialist Worker Newspaper The Southern California Anarchist Federation Starhawk Student Environmental Action Coalition Students for Bhopal Tri-Valley CAREs The True Food Network United for Peace and Justice, Bay Area Chapter The Urban Permaculture Guild War Resistors League Washington Biotechnology Action Council Wemoons Army Xtracycle

***RTC TEACH-IN!!! Also Please Join Us for the Racial Justice Track of the Reclaim the Commons Teach-in June 3--5, featuring presenters from around the world, including VANDANA SHIVA, JAIME CASTILLO of Via Campesina, VAN JONES, among many others!!! More info  http://www.reclaimthecommons.net click Teach-in.***

Cheers and Many Thanks!

RTC Racial Justice Working Group
Reclaim the Commons June 2004 Mobilization
415-731-7924  http://www.reclaimthecommons.net