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Abuse of authority in SPAIN - Zapatero throws away due process, becomes another Bush clone

Spain has just expelled two men without bringing any charges against them, under an obscure immigration law that is a threat to civil liberties. These men were LEGAL residents who were not charged with ANY crime, but they were still deported. They have not gotten to see the evidence against them!
Please see this article for more information:


There is some coverage of this in the Spanish media, too, for those of you who can read Spanish.

This is very frightening for us who know Spain. After the M-11 attacks we were assured that Zapatero would be a different and law-abiding leader who would use the law to combat terrorism, and not vague charges out of a Kafka novel. But he and his Justice Ministry are going down the same dangerous road that led to Guantanamo. There are already many assaults on Moroccans, and harrassments of Muslims reported after the attacks, and now there is this legal attack.

Look at this quote from a police official in Spain:

"With March 11, there is a before and after," the official was quoted as saying. "What can we do when there is no evidence to charge a person, but all signs are that the person knew of, encouraged or supported terrorist activities?"

He is saying that when you THINK you don't like someone, you can just arrest and deport them despite a lack of EVIDENCE. That is not how any justice system should work!

Please, keep this issue in mind. The Spanish government is very responsive to criticism, please don't ignore this just because it is in western Europe. Spain has good things, but this is a very frightening development!
You're right! It's frightening! But... 01.Jun.2004 07:31


Let's first see the pattern - one possible mistake does not a pattern make and we have learned in the US, fascism works on establishing new dictatorial patterns. Second, I really hope we are going to be this quick to react to the next sign of increasing fascism in our country and not allow the racist tolerance that is os typical of us. Third, All leaders have usually been given 100 days prior to the emergence of judgements against them - hell! Bush supporters are still saying that he just got in and needs more time to see what the little retarded hitler is like. Fourth, too much eagerness to come down on Zapatero might start smelling of CIA tinkering... Fifth, even when we see Zapatero falter towards the global fascist state, we have to remember that the new nazis are not beyond threatening families and entire countries with extermination and are capable of carrying it out, so I would like to see what cowardly threats bush+devils co. will have issued to anotherwise honest man to get him to become even slightly like them.

well 01.Jun.2004 07:46

. . .

even though Zapatero is a socialist he's made strong statements (just like Kerry, etc.) from Day 1 about supporting the global 'war on terror' . . .

the ruling class is all in it together.

Zapatero means globalization with a smiley 01.Jun.2004 10:12

Jack Straw

Zapatero's policies have clearly indicated a continuation of globalization measures, albeit with a smiley, aided by social democratic *rhetoric*. He's appointed to key posts people whose policies were called by the Wall Street Journal the most pro-business in Europe back in the '90s, back when the PSOE was in power. For several articles, loads of info on this, see

We are giving Zapatero his chance, but... 01.Jun.2004 12:29


But the first signals are not promising. The CIA may try to discredit him, but no one can discredit him more than himself.