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All things considered, the fascists deserve
a party in New York this August.
The Republican Convention is coming up shortly in New York. Some people are planning to confront the Republicans at their celebration. This could lead to some unpleasantness, as we all know what the welcoming committee will be wearing. So I think it would be well to ask some questions about the motivations of the protesters. Why won't they let those poor Republicans be?

Maybe it's time for a little assessment of what we have gained from the installation of the Bush White House. What lessons have we learned?

Let's see: first, we learned that the Republicans have an utter contempt for even the pitiful remaining shreds of the electoral process. It isn't enough for them that public participation in the Presidential election has been reduced to a quadrennial opportunity to rubber-stamp one of the two approved corporate representatives. No, that was too frustrating, too slow, too uncertain for them. So they threw the election by illegally designating Black Florida Democrats as felons—by the tens of thousands. That was Katherine Graham's little contribution to democracy—remember her? It worked so well, they've done it again. The voter rolls have been purged again in Florida. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The Republicans were concerned that it might not be enough to throw out all those votes, so they had their operatives fly here and there around Florida during the recount, pretending to have protests; and then their cronies on the Supreme Court threw out the recount, on the solid legal grounds of 'lookus over there-us.' There's nothing like being thorough.

Florida was an important lesson for everyone, since the elections are coming up again, and the Republicans are making sure they don't have to suffer the indignities and stress of having to actually contend for the offices they desire. Of course they're keeping their voter purges in place, and naturally their lapdog press will continue to pose as journalists, so that government propaganda emanating from Republicans will be accepted as fact. They have that going on, and it was always enough to get them into office around half of the time, occasionally losing to the somewhat less favored corporate prostitutes, the Democrats. It was never a high-stress thing for corporate CEOs: they either got their favorites in power, or their second pick, and either way the tax dodges and the corporate welfare kept flowing.

But now there's a different attitude: with Diebold and other electronic fraud devices, the Republicans and their corporate masters can be sure that, no matter what the people want this November, the corporations will prevail. Pull up blackboxvoting.com and survey the devastation. We are facing an electoral process that has already been decided for us. Precincts all over the country, and notably in swing states, have electronic voting machines that have proven time and again that they will throw the election in favor of the Republicans. Despite the ease and frugality of appending a printer to these machines, they have no printers, so that each vote cast disappears into a shadowy world of proprietary computer code. The Republicans have been confronted with this in Congress, and they refuse to cooperate in solving the problem.

Is it a problem? In Maclellan County, Texas, one precinct recorded 800 ballots when there were only 500 ballots available to registered voters. In Dallas, Texas, Republicans won an election after electronic voting destroyed 41,000 votes. The same company, ES&S, tried to throw the elections in Venezuela, but Hugo Chavez' people caught them and threw them out.

Here is a statement from Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.org:
- Machines are more inaccurate than hand counting. The machines lose some votes (up to twice as many as hand-counts) and count some votes for the wrong candidate. Human error compounds the mistakes. Election officials must be trained, and software programming errors have resulted in mistakes as high as 100 percent.

- The machines produce new tampering and vote-rigging vulnerabilities. We do not have adequate systems to protect against tampering with programmers, vendors and technicians.

- Voting machines create hidden changes in the way our voting system works. Using the machines, in effect, replaces sworn, elected officials with unsworn, unelected technicians. In most states, elected officials can no longer look at the voter-verified evidence. Many state laws prohibit officials from looking at the paper ballots, and only allow them to look at the counts coming out of the machines, even when there is a recount.

- A safe voting system is one that many eyes can view. Machines eliminate transparency in vote-counting. The newest machines eliminate the paper trail — the only voter-verified evidence of how votes really were cast, effectively saying "trust us" — voters and local election officials no longer have any way to verify that votes were counted accurately.

- It used to be that we knew who our elected officials were and the names of local election officials were a matter of public record. Manufacturers, who now count our votes, are not required to reveal the names of owners or key people. The codes counting our votes are considered "proprietary" and outside officials are not allowed to examine them.

- Some voting machine manufacturers are salted with vested interests. Among the owners of voting machine companies and testing labs: active politicians, corporate lobbyists, former CIA directors, and people who have been involved in prosecutions for bribery, kickbacks, and fraud. Our "watchdog" groups are also influenced by special interests. Voting machine companies are using lobbying and political influence to influence purchase of machines, specifications and regulations.

- Vote-rigging on computerized machines may be possible on a grand scale, not just a local scale. It's hard to stuff more than a dozen ballot boxes in your trunk, and it's nigh-on impossible to get 100,000 dead people to vote. But with these machines, we sometimes lose hundreds of thousands of votes in a single city!

This information has been broadcast on KBOO before, but coverage in the mainstream press has taken a back seat to more important information, like Barbara Bush's support for the No Child's Behind is Left Act. The corporate press is another important arm of the Republican Party, and we can expect them to do their duty to ensure that the Royal Family is not voted out of office. Even now they are sitting on their hands to ensure that no one is talking about the obvious fact that the Republicans set up 9-11.

And now there's a new wrinkle: Bev Harris is being harassed by the Feds, Brandon Mayfield-style. This is from a Seattle Weekly article last week:

Harris sounds the alarm about what the government wants her to turn over. "They want the logs of my Web site with all the forum messages and the IP [Internet protocol] addresses." IP addresses are unique, numerical pointers to one or more computers on the Internet, making it possible to identify, or narrow the search for, a computer that has visited a given Web site. Writes Harris: "This has nothing to do with a VoteHere 'hack' investigation, and I have refused to turn it over.
"So, yesterday, they call me up and tell me they are going to subpoena me and put me in front of a grand jury. Well, let 'em. They still aren't getting the list of members of blackboxvoting.org unless they seize my computer—which my attorney tells me might be what they had in mind."
Harris also says Levin told her that he was on the same plane as her on one of the activist's recent speaking tours. "What's that supposed to do? Scare me?" she asks.
Harris obviously hopes that the information on her computer can be kept private because she considers herself a journalist. "[Y]ou can't investigate leaks to journalists by going in and grabbing the reporter's computer," she writes.

The Republicans obviously set up 9-11; the evidence is far to extensive to go into detail here, but suffice it to say that the 9-11 Commission, which was set up in the face of White House evasion, is little but a whitewash set up to avoid the pointed questions, like: Why were so many specific warnings ignored? Why did the interceptor aircraft sit on the ground during the attack—who gave the stand-down order? Why has there been no criminal investigation of the hijackers? How did the short-sellers know of the incident the day before, and who were they? If you're not up to speed on the 9-11 scam, pull up copvcia.com, and read the timeline. It's reliable, far more reliable than mainstream corporate press.

The 9-11 attack worked very nicely for the Fatherland Security crowd, and now that things are coming a bit loose over the Iraq horror, why wouldn't they do it again? As I was saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Here's an excerpt from Portland.indymedia.org, by the World Socialist Web Site:

By Joseph Kay
25 May 2004

Two more pieces published in the press in recent days point to a continuing discussion within the political elite in the US about the electoral consequences of a pre-election terrorist attack. ....(see wsws.org) --------------------------------------

Need I mention that the Republicans, with the aid and comfort of the Democrats, have set up a bloody war for oil in Iraq, with additional thousands dead, on the lying basis that we were in immediate danger-- within 45-minutes of launch-- of a massive poison gas, bacteria or nuclear attack? That they are using gays and lesbians as whipping posts for electoral advantage?

So—I'm looking very favorably at the opportunity to confront the Republicans in New York this August. Certainly, the Republithugs have made it very difficult to confront them at the polls, so they deserve a little free speech action, if you ask me, and I'm personally trying to figure out how to get to New York for the party. The fun starts August 30th.
Thanks for posting 27.May.2004 11:42

Justa Fann


If you should make a habit of posting scripts from your show, that would be a good habit to have. You have a great show and this is a good read.

Radio is wonderful and captivating but ephemeral. I heard the caller this morning who was working outside and could not write down the URL, and only hope he could remember, so he could read this later and study at leisure.

Thanks for listning

Presswatch info question ? 28.May.2004 05:49

old bird guy

Hello Theresa, yes please do make a habit of posting transcripts of your shows if you have the time to do so. Also I was impressed with the caller who asked you to "dumb down" a little for the rest of us mere mortals to keep up with you and sort through the barrage of info that you and others put out on KBOO. It's difficult for new comers to KBOO to sort it all out until they have been listening for awhile and get a base of info established to work with. Having said that, you and others on KBOO are doing a fantastic job and thank you all very much.
Now I have a question regarding the anthrax scares after 911.
What happened? What is the status of any investigations the "feds" might be making if any. And is any outside authority or group investigating these events. And where is all the continuing media coverage of these events that should be here. Duh I know the answer to that one, but I think these events are of great importance in nailing the Republicans to the wall on compilicity in 911.I'd like to see follow up from the left. Last question. Would you do a show or put some specific time into how we are going to stop this god damn war?
thank you,