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Christian Coalition sues Commisioners over gay marriage

The local branch of the Christian Coalition is suing Diane Linn, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Serena Cruz and Lisa Nato. The CC's red herring is that these commissioners "misspent" county money by allowing gays to marry.

The local branch of the Christian Coalition is suing Diane Linn, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Serena Cruz and Lisa Nato. The CC's red herring is that these Commisioners "misspent" County money by allowing gays to marry. "The suit ask the defendants to return to the county general fund money spent by the county in issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples". The suit is being on behalf of someone named Johny Alan Belgarde. According to the article he is the Grand Wizard of the Christian Coalition of Oregon (OK, it actually says "director").

This is a common tactic, if the law doesn't go your way attack the individuals involved directly. The implication being they will use any means to persecute anyone who opposes them, until they get their way.

I would post an URL to this article, but the Oregonian doesn't seem to have it online. :(

Who is attacking whom? 28.May.2004 00:46


"This is a common tactic, if the law doesn't go your way attack the individuals involved directly."

Yeah, that tactic is common. But it's irrelevant to your point. Whether it's right or wrong, the law does go the "way," as you put it, of the Christian Coalition. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Oregon yet and the Commission wrongly spent our cash-strapped county's money to issue these licenses.

Look, I don't support the Christian Coalition on much of anything, but your statement makes no sense and by extension, detracts from your message and borders on hypocrisy. While this lawsuit may be frivolous, the law is already on their side. At least for the time being.

who do you think you're fooling? 28.May.2004 01:11


Taxpayer, your disingenuous post is completely apparent. Who do you think you're arguing with, people that haven't read the state and nation constitutions and the applicable laws? There have been more posts here about the issue than you could probably count.

"No law shall be passed granting to any citizen or class of citizens privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens."

That's pretty clear. The law is on the side of non-discrimination, as it should be, though not as it has always been, historically or geographically.

Nor does Oregon law define marriage as the union between a male and a female.

I pay my taxes and I don't pay them so that my government can discriminate against a class of citizens. But I don't blame you, these same arguments were made 50 years ago against inter-racial marriage. This lawsuit is frivolous, and will fail, and ultimately it will prove to be a poor strategy. Intimidation can be effective but it actually has to intimidate. This kind of laughable lawsuit just shows how desperate and futile the segregation efforts are. And that suits me just fine.

Stupid Christians 28.May.2004 14:31

TaxingMy Patience

Umm, the people getting married pay $60 for the license and $7 more per certified copy. It MADE money for the county.

"no, I'm not merely offended. i've been ATTACKED" 29.May.2004 00:22


Who is attacking whom?

Typical Christian bullshit. "I'm being oppressed! Because not everybody in the world agrees with my beliefs!"

How the hell does two men--or two women--getting married, affect YOU?

guess who pays for the law suit? 29.May.2004 12:12


your a sucker for paying taxes in the first place.

Gay marriage makes money 29.May.2004 14:25

Andy Seaton

Gay marriage is a money maker for the county. The marriage license fee more than covers the administrative costs. The only costs are from defending the law suits. Although, the county lawyers are getting paid anyway and any court costs the county pays are "being taken out of one pocket and put into another."

yeah, andy... 29.May.2004 17:19

that makes perfect sence.

so let's keep paying the bastards. the real issue here is not a love bound between two people, it's the purks, and acceptence of society. the purks are cookies from uncle sam (ssspuuuuw), but the acceptence of homosexual people is the rub. this issue is of course used to divide and destroy. it is a waste of $ and time, time will always be worth more than monopoly money. lawful, legal, whatever, people don't have 'time' to care to see themselves in others, so spend your time at work, so uncle sam's side of the family can steal your life, and have you buy it back.