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Repression Against Russian Anarchists Continues...

A little update from Anarchist Black Cross, Moscow
Aleksei Cherepanov arrested again

Monday 24th of May Aleksei Cherepanov was
ordered to an interrogation to Gosnarkokontrol (Recently
formed Russian ATF equivalent),
after which he was immediately arrested - this time
he was not transferred to normal jail but to
FSB (x-KGB) prison for prisoners on remand in Krasnodar.

During short 3 days after his previous arrest (12th-21th of
May), Aleksei was able to tell some details
regarding to his persecution. Originally 12th of May he
was planted only one gram of grass, but since he refused
to sign any documents, his previous 9 days of arrest was
eventually given for "pissing in the street" and "cursing
police". This provocation, made possible by obviously
made-up order to appear by military call-up center,
was well timed - in the
very day of 12th May new governement order, according
to which posessing up to 20 grams of marihuana will not
be punishable, came to force.

In monday, Gosnarkokontrol eventually came up admitting
burglary in Aleksei's house. Gosnarkokontrol claims
to have found 24 grams of grass and 2 grams of heroine
in Aleksei's home during illegal search in Wednesday 19th
of May, during Aleksei's previous arrest. This is pretext
for opening criminal case against Aleksei, which in the beginning
allows him to be arrested another 9 days, and more in case
court orders so - which is quite likely to happen.

During search Gosnarkokontrol officials stole 600 roubles and
at least 15 issues of Avtonom-journal. Gosnarkokontrol
may be able to legalize this search due to Russian legal
loophole, which allows "trespassing to a house of suspected"
without search permission, in case no search is to be made
there. It may be that Krasnodar courts will care little about the
fact that cops broke the door and turned the house
upside down during this "minor checkup".

Currently all Gosnarkokontrol suspects are held in FSB remand
prison since jails in Krasnodar are full packed, so formally
FSB may still wash its hands from Aleksei's case. In practice
FSB connection became clear during the very first day of Aleksei's
arrest, when he heard Gosnarkokontrol officials
chatting in the corridoor during his interrogation "..and KGB
is up for this debile". Aleksei's wife was summoned to
interrogation more early on Monday 24th, and she, as well
as Aleksei, was asked questions related to their political
activity. Having Aleksei in FSB jail will be very convenient
for those who ordered his persecution in the first place.

One may only make a conclusion, that Krasnodar FSB has
figured out that recent landslide electionary victory of a former
KGB agent means that "good old days" are back. Attempt to
destroy anarchist movement of Krasnodar, which has never been
much more than a source of minor irritation to them, with an iron hand
will unlikely be their last move to pay back for humiliations of the last 13

In contrary to information distributed in last Moscow Anarchist
Black Cross English Bulletin (#2), Dimitri Ryabinin has not yet been
released -
eventually after his holiday in beginning of May he was ordered
to go back to low-security prison in which he is doing his sentence.
We are sorry for distributing good news too soon.
Previously during this month Ryabinin has been allowed to visit home
during each week-end, but during last week-end his holiday was
surprisingly cancelled - he also learned that FSB had planted
a stool pigeon to his cell, who was hired to gather intelligence on
him. Aleksei Cherepanov suspects that his persecution might be connected
to some further FSB plans against Ryabinin, with whom he was
involved in publication of the anarchist quarterly Avtonom, until its
had to be moved to Moscow last summer due to difficulties in Krasnodar
which eventually lead Ryabinin to be jailed last January for 6 months.

Needless to say, anarchists in Russia will not turn another cheek
in front of these provocations. Next Friday (28th of May) Moscow
anarchists will organise a non-legalised action against Gosnarkokontrol
(now renamed by us as Gosnarkokartel) and FSB, we have invited anarchists
of other cities to join actions. Already now case of Cherepanov has
caused outrage in Russian anarchist community, and Russian Indymedia
have also made case a feature. Anarchists in many countries have
supported us, Krasnodar police station and Gosnarkokontrol offices
have received perhaps more concerned phone calls than ever during
their history, from all around the world. However in current political
situation of Russia no
victories will come easily, and we need all further support you may give.

In struggle,

A/ABC-Moscow/Personal capacity

Phone numbers to call in Krasnodar:

Administration of Gosnarkokontrol of Russian Federation in Krasnodar area:
Prosecutor's office of central administrative area of Krasnodar:

About Aleksei:

Aleksei Cherepanov, born 1979, finished journalist faculty of K.V. Rossinsky
institute of Krasnodar in January of 2004.
He has written for dailies and journals Chelovek truda (of Kuban official
trade unions), Otkrytiy mir, Nasha Kuban,
MK na Kubany and other regional papers. In some of his articles he was
attacking persecution of illegal immigrants
in Krasnodar area. In 1998 Aleksei was chair of local section of
Anti-fascist Youth Action (AMD) in the city of Primorsko-Axtarsk of
Krasnodar area, back then he initiated a campaign against activities of
fascist RNE (Russian National Unity) party in his city. Since 1999 Aleksei
has participated to activities of anarchist movement, and currently he is a
member of Autonomous Action. He helped with publication of journal Avtonom
and participated to organisation of many actions and campaigns.