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National Lawyers Guild Condemns Georgia's Declaration of Emergency for G-8 Summit

If the declaration of emergency by Governor Sonny Perdue were justified,It would have made sense to put the entire South under a state of emergency for the entire period of the civil rights movement(Wasn't it?)
MAY 24, 2004

CONTACT: The National Lawyers Guild
Michael Avery, 617-573-8551
Heidi Boghosian, 212-679-5100, ext. 11

The National Lawyers Guild Condemns Georgia's Declaration of State of Emergency for G-8 Summit Meeting

WASHINGTON - May 24 - The National Lawyers Guild condemned the recent announcement by the Governor of Georgia declaring a state of emergency merely because protests are expected in connection with the Group of Eight (G-8) summit meeting on Sea Island in June, and also condemned recently announced security plans by Massachusetts authorities for the Democratic National Convention in Boston in July. Massachusetts authorities announced Friday that over 40 miles of roadway will be closed for much of the Convention, as well as the North Station subway and train depot. The Guild labeled the actions in both states as gross overreactions to vastly inflated security concerns.

Michael Avery, President of the Lawyers Guild, stated, "The Government is using an exaggerated threat of disruption in order to demonize and discourage legitimate political protest. If the declaration of emergency by Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia were justified, it would have made sense to put the entire South under a state of emergency for the entire period of the civil rights movement. Obviously such draconian security measures have no place in a constitutional democracy. It is precisely when conditions are tense and difficult that we need the protection of the Constitution for the right to protest and dissent the most."

The National Lawyers Guild has been working to defend the rights of protestors at mass demonstrations. It provided legal teams to assist demonstrators during the FTAA protests in Miami last year and has been actively involved in legal defense in Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington and Philadelphia, as well as other cities. The Guild is training legal observers to monitor demonstrations and will be providing lawyers to defend protestors during both the Democratic National Convention in Boston and the Republican National Convention in New York this summer.

The National Lawyers Guild, founded in 1937, comprises over 6,000 members and activists in the service of the people. Its national office is headquartered in New York and it has chapters in nearly every state, as well as over 100 law school chapters. Guild members provide legal support to progressive demonstrations throughout the country, and well understand the nationwide trend toward increasingly repressive measures deployed against political protesters.
so sorry 27.May.2004 10:22


So sorry for the inconvience. In case you haven't heard, there is a serious terrorist threat out there. Eight heads of state in one place is a tempting target. So, their security, and the stability of their governments take precedence over the "rights" of "protestors" to engage in pointless, stupid "direct action" nonsense that might enable a terrorist cell to infiltrate the goings-on. Deal with it. And you might also think about the fact that with all the modern technology out there, there is really no reason to hold these large "protests" anywhere near the event in question. You can have a demonstration on the other side of the country and put it on CNN - they'll get the message, and they have a better chance of hearing about it that way than they do now.

do you understand, sfres 27.May.2004 11:08


What's happening to our country?

Do you get a clue that this is a war against us? Isn't it clear yet that the government has no intention of protecting "us"? Can you see that we're quickly heading towards the dark ages, without the expectation of individual rights, where endless war is accepted and violence is incorporated into every thread of our lives?

How can the cartel make it any clearer?

Having these meetings at tax-payer expense in inaccessible resort areas like Qatar, Cancun, and Sea island only increases the suspicion that what's happening at them is secret and only for the good of the elite.

These people aren't even making it covert anymore. They're attacking the poor and rapidly diminshing middle-class of the owrld and consolidating what's left of the wealth of natural resources(the commons).

Best get off your butt and get to the streets. Unless you're a billionaire, you and your children are set to lose everything,including your lives.

Sfres 27.May.2004 11:33

has his head

way up his ass.

Fascists' apologizer.

What are you smoking SFRES 27.May.2004 15:01

juan valdez

No Terror threat, no matter how real, or serious, EVER justifies the restriction of our freedoms.

"He who trades liberty for safety, deserves neither." Ben Franklin