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According to Pacifica News and the AP there is a potential for the authorization for the use of LETHAL FORCE at the G8 in Georgia this year.
On May, 25 2004 Pacifica News reported on their daily news broadcast about the current orders being given to the police that will be responding to the G8 conference in Georgia this year. According to the broadcast, the governor of Georgia (as of May 25th), was going through the motions of declaring a "state of emergency" during the G8 protest. This so called "state of emergency" would allow the police in the entire state to break up, any and all "gatherings of people" to protest any event. However, the suspension of the first amendment is not the only card up this governor's sleeve.

In correlation with this "state of emergency" the commander of the police forces has ordered a: "SHOOT TO KILL" order, that will pertain to all individuals that the police themselves feel are "threatening" the lives of "world leaders" that will be gathering for the event. This order will only go into effect if the governor is capable of issuing a state of emergency. But, you did hear me right, "SHOOT TO KILL."

Upon hearing this my partner and I were shocked to say the least. Both of us want to be in Georgia this summer, but money is not permitting a cross country trip. Immediately upon hearing this new's both of us attempted to brush it under the rug with as many excuses as possible, things like:

"They'd never do that"
"I bet it is only if the protesters break through a certain perimeter"
"This is just a scare tactic"

We were shocked, to say the least.

That was until today. According to the Associated Press On May 25th John Ashcroft made a press release to the public about potential terrorist attacks that will be carried out this summer. Ashcroft stated that this threat is highly probable, and that there is a grave danger of our nation being struck this summer. During this press release he stated that there were three high priority targets that would be considered major threats. These targets were: THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION, and THE G8 CONFERENCE. The point of this is not to debate whether or not Al Qaida will strike these targets, but rather is to look at this announcement in terms of what it means to the activist community. By announcing that the G8 conference is an Al Qaida target, Ashcroft increased the chances for the governor of Georgia to approve imposing a state of emergency during the conference. This would then result in the "shoot to kill" order being instated while the meeting is taking place.

This is something we all need to be aware of. The powers of oppression have used the War [of] Terror to raise the stakes yet again. They are authorizing the use of lethal force against any, and all threats that "THEY" deem appropriate. This is scary, especially after watching the pepper spraying of children, and the non-lethal application of force on the elderly and disabled, that has happened in the past year all over the U.S. Be prepared!!!
jus lyke 26.May.2004 22:37


told ya those cops are going crazy since so called terrorist attacks.they think they have permission to kill different thinking people.bellingham police have 'abused' and threatened people.

soon 26.May.2004 22:53


the 'terrorists' are allegedly threatening 'america',so this asinine public 'official' is threatening people.he has terrorism on his mind.may his demise be swift

Asscroft says there might be a possible terrorist attack at the G8 Summit 26.May.2004 23:19


Seems like a disinformation excuse to go after protesters and put a surplus of riot police on the scene, getting paid 20 + bucks an hour for overtime at the expense of tax payers. There will be no doubt people getting shot with tear gas and rubber bullets. F'n beasts!

civil war coming 26.May.2004 23:59


I post this link because it's kind of funny, yet strangely plausible -- and it may help lighten things up a bit.


go home bellingham man 27.May.2004 00:31


So lets here some names of the officials mentioned, ha ha ha

is that the summit 27.May.2004 03:21


ashcroft's insane agenda about globalization of the patriot act is on the table?

if it is, i guess i could see why they'd want to kill anyone who gets in the way of such a giant stride in the neocon path to world domination.

The stakes are High 27.May.2004 05:56

more now than ever

Don't forget they also named the RNC love fest in NYC as an Al-CIAda target. So you are quite right about the Bushtapo targetting protesters. Who can stop this out of control beast? Congress just heels on command and the military is in complete obeisance.

If we don't give resistance the beast will only grow in authority.

set up 27.May.2004 08:15

afraid of protests

These bastards are just setting up to beat and kill protesters this summer. Just like 68, they made it illegal to cross a state border to 'incite a riot' and then that is how they got the chicago 7. Not to mention trying to scare away the protesters.

I got a message for you killers and beaters of the true patriots of our country...you will not stop us. There are many MANY more of us today than there were in '68 and kill and beat us as you may, WE WILL WIN. WE have truth and justice on our side, and the numbers to be sure. Never before in american history has any corrupt government been SO OBVIOUS that even the older conservatives types have finally had it. WE WILL take back our country. You can only kill so many before you realize you have lost for good.

And about these instances of Israelis being caught near nuclear plants in recent news...We are on to you!!!! If you try to pull something like that it WILL backfire. We will not all fall in line behind Bush, we will BLAME BUSH...he is afterall the one that is supposed to be protecting us. How does this idea make sense to you all anyhow?

This summer we need to FINISH THE REVOLUTION!! What the fuck happened in '68? WE picked a mediocre candidate and LOST and got NIXON!!!!! SHit, we cannot let that happen again. They have set us up to allow the exact same thing to happen again. Kerry is just an actor in a very bad play, he doesn't even want the nomination, just playing the role to eventually give it to bush. If he does happen to get the nomination he will pardon his old buddy W and cronies.

We must go to the DNC and DEMAND DENNIS!!!

Why do we want to settle on a candidate that both dems and repubs abhor? makes no sense. Bush AND Kerry are unelectable. This election the american people are looking for THE TRUTH, which is apparently not in large commodities in DC. Dennis Kucinich is the only one running who can recognize the truth, much less speak it.

WE WANT PEACE! It is time to make war archaic.

Martyrs needed! 29.May.2004 10:20

Abbie Hoffman

This requires some very brave or crazy people to put themselves in harm's way to be beaten, shot, even killed so that this culture of Police Violence can be addressed in the courts. Somebody has to be a martyr here, and it probably wont be anyone who is expecting to become one it will likely be an inoccent pedestrian, grocery shopper, dog walker etc.