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police terrorists in bellingham

they cover up
violence and threats akin to any so called terrorist were supposed to be afraid of. why arent people saying a word on horror state usa.?? lets go! bust your ass .are you retreating into your privileged comfort zone while the brutality reeks??
Composting Criteria? 27.May.2004 11:25

DJ Shadow

While I am curious as to what this person repeatedly alleges is going on in Bellingham, I'm wondering if stuff that is pretty much uncomprehendable (is that even a word??) should be tossed into the compost bin.

What's the policy on posts like this? I think stuff that makes little or no sense, has no specifics, and repeatedly comes in the same unintelligible format should be pulled off the main page--it wastes space and makes the sight look shabbier.

Sorry, Bellingham guy--but if you want people to denounce the horrible atrocities going on up there, you should provide folks with some background--we can't read your mind.