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Terrorism Begins at Home: Police Brutality in America

"Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience..." John Locke
Pigs, in their simple-minded, childish view of reality, always imagine themselves to be "the good guys" fighting an endless war against "the bad guys."

But the sorry truth is quite different from what their twisted little brainwashed minds imagine. Far too often, pigs are the bad guys, and very few of them will ever have the moral courage to face that fact. All across America their criminal masters have given the pigs the green light to beat up and torture their powerless victims (out of view of the news cameras). And even those who don't stoop that low almost universally cover up the crime for those who do. That's crooked, and that's police tradition. The code of silence.

U R 2 right 27.May.2004 04:50

good link

Wow! There's good pics, good commentary, and good info on this link. Unfortunately, this link lists 9 other cities ahead of Portland on police brutality. Does anybody know where Portland lies on the list of the worst police departments in America? Hmm...but on the other hand, who can really know? Nobody ever can unless you tell people and come forward about it. Don't be afraid my fair citizen. There are other people like you that have been victimized. Most people will never know unless that information comes from first hand knowledge. Thanks for the posting :p Does anyone else have a solution to stop how higher-up cops get away with everything? Internal affairs and PPA cover up their crimes, and the IPR and CRC back them up?

heres my favorite 27.May.2004 08:29


Pigs at protests are often high on drugs amphetamines issued to them by their police departments for the purpose of making them more aggressive and intimidating in crowd control. This is a major cause of "pig riots", when pigs go berserk during demonstrations, indiscriminately attacking and beating anyone and everyone they can get their hands on.

To U R 2 27.May.2004 11:51


To get the higher ups you can do a few things. Here are two of the most practical ones:

1. Find out the supervisors' names and name them in the complaint you file. The PPB keeps track of complaints. Once and officer has a certain # of complaints (say 3 in a year) a higher level of scrutiny applies. It hink it's only IAD but at least something happens. Anyway dropping a dime on everyone involved including supervisor's is a good idea.

2. When you sue the pigs sue for negligent supervision, hiring and control of the officers that hurt you. This gets to the higher ups and has a different burden of proof than a civil rights suit. Naming them in the suit gets them into the public record also - for what it's worth.