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Million Person Campaign Launched for Sustainable Energy

Talk Energy (www.talkenergy.com)- is a new online community that specializes in sustainable energy. Its unique online software allows people from around the globe to participate in conversations regarding sustainable energy. Yesterday Talk Energy launched its "Million Person Campaign" with a goal of having one million people talking about energy. When Talk Energy achieves its goal, one member will win a $50,000 home energy renovation. www.talkenergy.com

Press Release

For Immediate Distribution May 25, 2004

Talk Energy- an online community for people interested in sustainable energy- is now live! www.talkenergy.com


"Nowadays, everyone is talking about energy - how to save it, how to produce it more cleanly and how to manage it. People are looking for a place to connect and that's where Talk Energy comes in. We've created a community that bridges the gap between those who desire a sustainable future and those with ideas of how to achieve it. It's a place where people can learn, teach, build real relationships, create solutions and share a passion for how we use energy," explains Mitchell, Talk Energy's President.

Talk Energy announced that it will be giving away a $50,000usd Home Energy Renovation to one of its members as part of its "Million Person Campaign". "We're excited about sustainable energy and want 999,999 others to be just as excited," says Mitchell.

Officially launched on May 25th, the site is already attracting attention from a wide range of people from across the globe. Home owners, engineers, inventors, business owners and individuals interested in energy have been logging on to read, ask and participate.


It's a community where we can ask questions and find answers. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world but it's sometimes difficult with a busy lifestyle and finding people in your immediate area with similar interests. Talk Energy allows individuals to participate in discussions, build projects and share knowledge at any time of day from their own homes.

Talk Energy provides discussion boards and hosting free of charge for non-profits, universities and research and development facilities that specialize in sustainable energy.


Organizations are given their own discussion tools, polls and calendars to post events. In turn, the organization can use their section to interact with their members and promote their activities. All free of charge, as an appreciation for the many volunteers who are making a difference.

"It is the goal of Talk Energy to provide the community that will forward the knowledge and efforts of all of those making a difference in how we use energy."

For more information, please contact Darrin Mitchell, President, Talk Energy (902) 888-2030 or darrin@talkenergy.com, www.talkenergy.com