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thanks portland imc

Thanks so much for providing this space! And more thanks to the people that use it!
I like to surf the IMC network, see what is going on inother parts of the world and parts of the country. By my estimations, there is no rival in the united states imc network that could stand up to portland.indy.

It is an amazing resource and people formt he community read it, the features are always from the newswire and not written by a select few "editors" as most imc's have it. I wouldnt mind seeing less reposts on the newswire and more local original reporting, but luckily nearly all of the local and original reporting ends up in the features so I dont have to worry too much about wading through things.

Sometimes people decry censorship, and they are usually just people that are trying to disrupt the site. If portland.indy were a bastion for free speech, it would end up like nigeria imc or seattle imc or countles sother imcs that are overtaken by right wing and nazi spam. I like that selection stuff is on a different page, because since we have little to no voice in it anyway, it doesnt really affect our local community.

Thanks to the volunteers that put in energy and time to making this happen. Ihave stopped by a few meetings and while I dont always understand whats going on, its good to know that I can contact you all directly if need be.

Everyone who posts original stuff to this site, thank you so much, becasue you are the prime reason this works, I would like to see more stuff coming in from all neighbourhoods and more people talking constructively. Well, I just wanted to voice that because I dont think it gets done enough!
Indy Media Censors Legitimate Posts 27.May.2004 12:34

Concerned Citizen

Many posts to the Portland Indy Media site do not appear on the web site. Is this a case of censorship? Perhaps readers should plan to attend the next Indy Media meeting to address this issue with Portland Indy Media management.