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Governor Declares State of Emergency for G-8 Summit

Governor Sonny Perdue has declared a state of emergency in six Georgia counties beginning May 24 and ending June 20 as a security rcaution for the G-8 summit to be held in Sea Island, Georgia.
Governor declares state of emergency for G-8 Summit

The Associated Press

ATLANTA Gov. Sonny Perdue has declared a state of emergency in six Georgia coastal counties beginning Monday as a security precaution for the G-8 summit.
Citing, among other reasons, the ''potential danger to the persons and property of this state from unlawful assemblages, threats of violence and otherwise,'' the executive order creates a unified public safety command for the summit, set to take place June 8-10 on Sea Island.
The order, signed by Perdue on May 7, does not provide additional money or change criminal laws in Chatham, Bryan, Liberty, McIntosh, Glynn and Camden counties.
But the action, which could last through June 20, will align the Georgia Army National Guard, state law enforcement and public health agencies under one office, potentially reducing the response time in the event of terrorist strikes or disruptive protests, said Harold Melton, Perdue's executive counsel.
The last time a governor used such an order was during the 1996 Olympics, he said.
G-8 protesters said declaring a state of emergency was an overreaction and would not stop demonstrators from exercising their rights.
''I don't care if it goes to martial law,'' said William Pleasant, who's planning a protest in Savannah's Forsyth Park. ''This is still a constitutional democracy. My friends and I will write and speak and perform.''
WHAT? 26.May.2004 15:57


This is another frightening test to see how far they can go. Just like "Free speech Zones", Metal baricades lining the streets during demonstrations, video taping everyone at a gathering, trying to take away tax exempt status with 200 year old laws, etc...

A state of emergency BEFORE there is even a problem is a little bit extreme. I guess there will be a court challenge to this fascist policy but it won't get resolved in time for the gathering....Certainly any reasonable judge will find this pre-emptive declaration of emergency unclonstitutional. It will take some time though and it is indeed scary.

NYC might just do the same thing for the RNC in August.

What's next arresting people for sedition?

I hope people take to the streets despite this mock emergency in Georgia.

Boil the frog slowly, man so it don't jump out! 26.May.2004 23:07


I just get so crazy and confused. Thought I knew the language. Thought I knew what words meant. Always thought only bad guys shot first or invaded other nations. Thought respect was looking up to someone with a sense of esteem, now it means fear. Used to think co-operate meant work together, now it seems to mean obey. Used to think that an emergency was something that
"emerged" or came into view.

When Perdue talks of, "potential danger to the persons and property of this state from unlawful assemblages, threats of violence and otherwise," what does "otherwise" mean? He must be a lot smarter that me, otherwise I'd understand.

I think I understand that this is just a domestic extension of the Powell Doctrine. You know, if you think the kid across the street might have a rock, hire a dump truck full of gravel to dump on him. The response to your suspicions is to use overwhelming and disproportionate force. Guess we should not blame Perdue for trying to pre-empt an emergency.

Pre-empt an emergency! Can't believe I said that.....