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Shout out from Tre Arrow

Thoughts from Tre Arrow, and on future donations.
Here's a shout out from me, tre arrow. I'm alive and kicking in vancouver despite the fact that I'm still behind all the fences. Thanks and love to everyone for their support, courage, and energy -- please keep it coming!

Here's a qucik reminder that my next hearing is 5/31, Monday, at 10am pacific time here in vancouver. If everyone could work on manifesting my release on this day, that would be glorious.

-- Kind friendly musings for a healthier planet --

Ask yourself what really matters in your life? Is healthy food more important than a fossil fuel vehicle? Is doing things that bring you joy more important than working a job you don't enjoy to pay bills to keep up with the mad pace of our culture? Is the sacredness of life on this planet more important than consuming and acquiring material goods? Are we living in a way that considers our impact on the next seven generations?

Just a quick reminder: In north america, we don't even make up one tenth of the worlds' population, yet we consume a majority of the world's resources. May we all awaken to our highest potential of love and respect for every living thing on sacred earth mother. May the wild places be forever wild; may we rise up and stand together and stop the injustices toward this planet, toward humans, and toward the non human animals that suffer every single day.

WAKE ME UP!!!!!!!!! 26.May.2004 15:08


What a nice way to wake up my mind by checking out Indymedia and reading this from Tre. You always keep my mind thinking Tre.........I Thank You for that!!!!

Me Too 26.May.2004 15:54


So, by "shoplifting" I guess that puts you in a different category than "consumer"?

overuse of namaste 26.May.2004 17:10

vox populi

At Trader Joe's the other day, there was a father/daughter duo, the 3 yearold part of which was named: "Namaste." It was like, "Namaste, cut that out..." "Namaste, we discussed this..." "Namaste, keep away from that, Namaste..."