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The Village Building Convergence is NOW!

Portland, OR-- We are into day 5 of the 10 day Village Building Convergence event. Check out www.cityrepair.org or head on down to the Pine Street Theater 215 SE 9th TONIGHT to get tuned in, turned on, and dropped down the rabbit hole of higher activation.
There has been so much going on, from work at the 12 sites around the City, transforming our neighborhood spaces into community gathering places, relaiming our common ground, learning skills at workshops, and engaging with culture and edu-tainment at the evening events at the Pine Street Theater 215 SE 9th Ave.

We are at the half way point-- not too late to get off your ass and figure out what the Village is all about. As the antithesis of the City, the "civilizing" effect of dependency on others, Village Building is about seeing the human relations and interconnections in spite of our colonized, oppressed status. Village Building is seeing the forest for the trees. Finding our collective freedom throught the cracks in the asphalt. Check it out!


Check it out!