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Anti-Hate Rally in Tigard 5/27

Tigard is holding a unity rally Thursday to tell nazi skinheads, "Not in Our Town!"
Anti-Hate Rally in Tigard on May 27th

The city of Tigard has been inundated with hate material over the past several weeks. This has included racist leaflets thrown in peoplełs yards, hate rock CDs placed on teens cars and hate literature distributed at Tigard High School

The "Tigard Says No To Hate" rally on May 27th at 6:30 PM in Cook Park will attempt to solidify the community and offer steps that the community can take to minimize the infiltration of these polarization tactics that have begun to regularly take place. The rally will culminate with a 1╬2 mile "march" from the park to Tigard High School where a unity proclamation can be signed.

BTW, the Tualatin Vally Skins have made plans to disrupt the rally. Local police have been briefed/

homepage: homepage: http://www.againsthate.pdx.edu

Oi! get off your asses! 26.May.2004 21:14

RASH communist_rudeboy@hotmail.com

Come on guys are we gonna let the scum take root again and take over our town we dont need another blackmark agaisnt our name lets fight the boneheads and eject them from the city and let them no that we will not tolerate thier hate!

TV skins plan more action 27.May.2004 08:44

Randy Blazak cfrb@pdx.edu

You can visit the website of these boneheads. They are pretty clear in that they plan more activities and use leafletting as a way to test new recruits (or as they are called in their moronic club, "puppies." Know thy enemy at : www.nukeisrael.com

These cretins should read the results of the human genome project.

Inspired by pro white materials 31.May.2004 22:07

Mark Slagal

I live in Tigard and was on the receiving end of white power flyers three times this year. After visiting www.nukeisrael.com site I found these people to be courageous souls fighting hard for the existence of the white race. America needs thousands more people just like these great patriots.