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Vegan Doughnuts!!!

I heard a rumour around the way that portland will have vegan donuts. Is there any truth to this? I was told that VooDoo was going to carry them, but when I went in last night they didnt have any. Any info?
What about Nutrilicious Vegan Dognuts? 26.May.2004 12:40


 http://www.foodfightgrocery.com/ might have some, also doesn't Peoples and that coop over off nw23rd carry the Nutrilicious Vegan ones sometimes ?  http://www.nutrilicious.com/

I really liked those, but it's hard to find them and sometimes the full variety isn't there. A local source would be much better considering Nutrilicious are trucked in from Countryside, IL.


Vegan Doughnuts! 26.May.2004 12:54

someone else

I heard from a very reliable source that it's going to start being made this week, with the official debut at the one year anniversary celebration this Saturday. Flavors most likely banana and chocolate to start out. Organic ingredients and bought from the local co-op (people's I believe.) The only downside is they are fried in the same oil as the other donuts. But, damn, this is exciting.

IT"S TRUE! 26.May.2004 14:55


I work there (Voodoo doughnuts)- I'm one of the janitors. They are creating vegan doughnuts as we speak- they do taste kinda like banana bread (I've tried a test sample) they're pretty good. I can't remember exactly when they will be introduced, except that it will be soon!

P.S. This is probably the only effective news-oriented topic I've seen posted on Indymedia, by a reader. Neat.


VooDoo Donuts 26.May.2004 16:43

The Hole Enchilada

VooDoo Donut Page -- Keep checking. When the donuts are available, they will join the list with the others:


Dang, they sell milk and 26.May.2004 18:09


crud. I want a vegan business on principle (the principle of not being cruel to animals, such as ripping newborn calves away from their mother so we can steal their milk; not sending male calves off to become veal because they're of no use on a dairy farm; not killing male baby chicks because they're no good on an egg farm; not caging chickens for their whole lives so we can use them for their eggs, etc.) Sigh. Someday maybe.

doughnuts mmmmmm 26.May.2004 19:05


What makes you think this is not being introduced on any sort of principle? From what I've heard the guy who came up with the recipe (who works there also, I believe) is a strict vegan that created it with principles. Fer christsakes, a local business is buying ingredients from the co-op and creating a whole new line of vegan items and someone of course has to complain about it...the nature of indymedia.

The whole place on principle, not 27.May.2004 02:38


one little corner or it, and the rest catering to the whims of the animal abusing majority. There are some businesses here that do that--Calendula, Food Fight, and others. I see YOU hypocritically complaining about me complaining, DM--I guess that's the nature of Indymedia.

VD (vegan donuts) are already in PDX! 05.Jun.2004 22:04


vegan donuts have been on sale at whole foods market for quite some time. they have chocolate and vanilla--glazed or not. they're really quite tasty!