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Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Upheld by Fed. Court - Asscroft loses!

Court Tells Ashcroft Not To Meddle In Assisted Suicide
A federal appeals court has ordered the Bush administration not to meddle with Oregon's assisted suicide law.

The ruling Wednesday says that doctors in Oregon may prescribe lethal doses of medication to terminally ill patients.

The court says U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft cannot sanction or hold Oregon doctors criminally liable for prescribing overdoses. Oregon voters approved the Death With Dignity Act.

Judge Richard Tallman wrote in the 2-1 opinion that Ashcroft's action "far exceeds the scope of his authority under federal law."

Ashcroft had issued a directive threatening to revoke the licenses of doctors who aid suicides with narcotics. The act declares what drugs doctors may prescribe.

It's the nation's only law that allows doctors to assist in hastening the death of a patient.
heh heh 26.May.2004 12:26


Eat my ashes, Asscroft.

Uh, I believe.. 26.May.2004 12:37


... it is spelled Asscraft.

Oregon kicks Asscroft's ass 26.May.2004 12:53


Here's the best quote from the 9th Circuit Opinion:

"The Ashcroft Directive not only lacks clear congressional authority, it also violates the plain language of the CSA. (Controlled Substances Act). We hold that the Directive exceeds the scope of federal authority under the CSA, misconstrues the Attorney General's role under the statute, and fails to follow explicit instuctions for revoking physician prescription privileges."

In other words, you lose sucker!