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Another Attack May Bury Bush

The only way a second catastrophic terrorist attack will benefit George Bush is if he declare Martial Law
As the American public is once again threatened with news reports of "reliable government intelligence" (the source of which remains nebulous and undentified) that the country faces another large-scale attack, the only way George Bush can personally profit is if martial law is declared.

A second attack would bring into focus all of the errors his administration has made to "bring it on" and bury his chances in the November elections:

1) Ignoring and then meagerly pursuing Bin Laden
2) Coddling Saudi Arabian nationals and using a "kid glove" approach in taking to task the country from which a majority of the 9/11 attackers came.
3) Skimping on a homeland security plan and funding for security at home
4) Launching a preemptive unilaterial assault on a country that was no threat to United States security and laying waste to its citizens and infrastructure - in turn causing the number of terrorist sympathizers to grow, rather than to shrink
5) Acting arrogantly and unilaterally - with no apologies to allies or to the abused. In the eyes of Mr. Bush, he has done no wrong and the end justifies the means employed (although a few "bad apples" who were discovered must be sacrificed because their behavior cannot be ignored or tacitly condoned without resulting moral outrage from US citizens).
6) Allowing our attention to be so focused upon Iraq that Afghanistan has suffered . . . less money, less troops, less planning in Afghanistan has led to tribal infighting, the regrouping of the Taliban, and an explosion in poppy crop cultivation. A recent report stated that at least 40% of the world's heroin now originates in Afghanistan.
7) Planning so poorly and extending our resources so broadly that we can expect the draft to return in Spring of 2005. In the meantime, our National Guard troops - mostly civilian weekenders - which have historically existed to defend us on our soil and to assist in community emergencies are being shipped to, and annihilated in unprecedented numbers, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If there is another attack, it can be laid at the feet of this administration, which has done everything within its power to made us LESS, rather than MORE, secure.

The following guide will help you plan, prepare, and get ready in the event that martial law threatens your safety and well-being. It is divided into two parts. The first part describes the framework for martial law and the second part the actions to take in preparing or the actual declaration of martial law.

are you out of your mind? 26.May.2004 10:46


Are you nuts? A second attack will spell the end of the politically correct insanity that has prevented us from focusing on the real problem while we waste time searching young blond women and old Asian men in wheelchairs at airports. Arabs will be profiled. Most will be forbidden entry in the country. Mosques will be monitored, openly, with their sermons recorded and translated. Don't think it won't happen. People will scream for blood. As for the draft, never, never, going to happen. Do you think the military wants to train illiterate drug dealers to read? Crackheads don't make good soldiers.

Ulcer, anyone? 26.May.2004 10:50


I can only speak for myself, but I fail to see any reason why we should be listening to "Washington Whispers" and "unidentified government officials." This is just another smokescreen designed to keep the American people destabilized and worried--just the way that Bush/Cheney wants us to be.

The fact that these whispers are suddenly public yet there is no move to raise our "threat of terror level" to orange (or red) suggests that this is just a ploy. What could possibly be the benefit of leaking a few whispers about "terrorist chatter increasing"? How about freaking out your population so they will not hit the streets in protest, or summarily bounce Bush/Cheney from office in November? Threats of terror? Relax, you are more likely to win the lottery without even buying a ticket or get struck by lightning under a clear sky than you are likely to become a victim in a terrorist attack.

This falls under the category of "things we really shouldn't waste time worrying about." Meanwhile, here are a few of the things that we SHOULD be worried about (and thus, DOING SOMETHING TO PREVENT OR SOLVE THEM):
*A Bush/Cheney end run around democracy in November
*A rise in violent crime rates nationwide
*Job outsourcing
*Homelessness and hunger here in the US (a direct link to violent crime statistics)
*The systematic criminalization of an entire creed (Islam) and the tacit encouragement of hate crimes (Islam, minority-on-minority violence, homosexuality)
*A cowed populace afraid to think for themselves, encouraged to bury their heads in the sand (It's more important to vote for your favorite American Idol than it is to make sure that a would-be emperor doesn't cement his hold on the American government and begin another four years of imperialism)
*Loosening pollution controls (supposedly designed to boost the economy)
*Corporate tax credits (supposedly designed to boost the economy)
*Artificial reasons for gas price increases
*The megacorporate assault on nature (GMOs, bans on naturopathic remedies)

Pick one of these, and every time you begin to feel a little dread about Bush/Cheney's phantoms, think about it.

The little bushN'dick that cried wolf 26.May.2004 10:59


This is but another example of this administrations attempt to frighten us into obedience. Do I think they are capable of creating an event to justify, react and "save" us - two years ago, I wouldn't have believed it, but I would bet on it now! These assholes are capable of anything. Let's see, what other despot attacked his own people.......hmmmmmm....

Bury him? How about mobilize Christians to vote for him 26.May.2004 12:36


Bury him my ass. It's just what he need to get elected. Nobody's going to blame him if terrorists attack again, even if he was good buddies with Osamas big brother. They'll blame muslims and "jihad" and vot for stupid Bush.