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Welcome party for the Rose Festival Naval Fleet

Everyone knows the navy ships are due in town soon. Let's welcome them.
The arrival of the Rose fleet is an annual tradition in PDX. At times, anti military groups have also been present at the arrival of the ships. I think this year would be a great one to let them know that instruments of murder and destruction aren't welcome in Portland. Perhaps the money that fuels these ships down the Willamette could be directed to Portland Public Schools. How many people are willing to be at the waterfront for a (certain to be unpopular) protest?

For those who think that the troops "are just normal folks caught in a bad situation" or my faorite: "just want to get home to give their kids a hug", perhaps it would be appropriate to have a banner with a hotline number to get advice on how to register as conscientious objectors.
Ambivalent 25.May.2004 07:03


The navy represents the military as a whole, but I don't think the navy is directly involved in Iraq. My biggest complaint about the navy coming to Portland is reek of the whole rose festival scene that comes with them.

I do agree that the time has come to force the issue into the open that our military has become the agents of murder, torture, and war crimes against innocent civilians. There are going to be many chances to force this into the public's attention during the rose festival season and these opportunities must not be wasted.

Last year.... 25.May.2004 10:38


Code Pink greeted the fleet last year with the Portland Peace Fleet and some informational rose messages handed out to spectators at the waterfront. Let's have an encore!

Code Pink Peace Fleet, 2003
Code Pink Peace Fleet, 2003
Marching pre-parade
Marching pre-parade
At the waterfront
At the waterfront

Navy was involved 25.May.2004 16:53

just another peon

I think the navy were certainly involved in the war on Iraq. Firing a cruise missile from hundreds of miles away to destroy countless men, women and children is obscene and cowardly. You just push the launch button and off goes your million dollar death warrant. No doubt with a nice message written on it by the courageous navy heroes. Only you don't have to endure the screams as the flesh falls of the kids or see the tears of children whose mother lays dead.
Yes, lets 'welcome' the navy a human face on those they didn't want or have to see.