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Bush Has No Answers About Future of Iraq in Monday Speech

George W. Bush answered no questions Iraqis, Americans, and others may have about the June 30 'transfer of power' during his speech to the Army War College on Monday. In a 30-minute speech, Bush devoted less than 60 seconds sharing any information at all on his supposed plan for creating an 'interim Iraqi government', saying that UN envoy Lakhar Brahimi was just putting together the list this week. He did promise that free and fair elections would be held 'by the end of next year', an awfully long time when the 2004 US election is so near and the 'War on Terror' so profitable to certain sectors of the American corporate landscape, including a lot of close friends of the Bush administration.

Retreating from a train wreck of a news conference held at the White House in April, where he took pre-submitted questions from a generally compliant press corpse and still managed to stun everyone with his meltdown, Bush made his Monday speech in front of the military and departed without taking any questions. After reading his teleprompters for half an hour, Bush expelled a huge breath of air while walking off the stage.

During the Q&A session in April, Bush spent nearly 30 seconds staggering and stuttering while trying to come up with an answer to a reporter's question: 'After 9-11, what do you think your biggest mistake was and what have you learned from it.' Bush revealed that all of the other questions had been scripted when he answered, 'I wish you had given me this question ahead of time so I could plan for it.' When asked about the plan for 'transferring power' to the Iraqi people, Bush had no answer but to say that Brahimi was working on it.

Despite the seemingly friendly audience at the Army War College on Monday, Bush stammered on a number of occasions while reading his line. At one point in the speech, Bush spoke of Iraq's 'dependence', then quickly said, 'Independence'. Later he badly blew the pronunciation of 'Abu Ghraib'.

The only questions commonly on peoples' minds that Bush answered Monday were those related to plans for the continuation of the American occupation and whether George W. Bush has learned anything from the disastrous crime that he has fomented on the Iraqi and American people. Answer: The US military will not be brought home for a least 2 years and its murderous tactics will continue. Bush pledged to send more troops to Iraq, if necessary.

Bush's speech also clarified that the official US government position on the torture and murder of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib prison is that it is the crime of a small number of misguided American troops rather than US policy written in the office of the Secretary of Defense. Bush pledged to raze Abu Ghraib and build a massive new prison system in Iraq to help the Iraqis on their road to democracy. He failed to mention the torture and murder of prisoners in other prisons by American forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, and elsewhere.

Bush said that the American military had decided that a massive assault on 'terrorists' in Iraqi cities would be a tactical error that would turn huge numbers of the Iraqi people against the US occupation. He failed to mention that a recent poll indicated that more than 80 percent of Iraqis want US troops to leave the country now.
George W. Blows Pronunciation of Abu Ghraib 24.May.2004 19:19


how many taxpayer dollars have gone to the speech and language coaches in the white house?

Anyone Get The Impression Bush Hates His Job? 24.May.2004 20:25


he sure looked bored, over-exerted and put-out reading off those teleprompters for half an hour. plus he stumbled and mispronounced several times, as if he wanted it to be OVER ALREADY, goddamit . . .

I think the Chimp is fed up with all this Iraq ----, and having to make (already minimal) public appearances and statements about it.

prisons 24.May.2004 23:24

holy cow

"Bush pledged to raze Abu Ghraib and build a massive new prison system in Iraq to help the Iraqis on their road to democracy."

hey, building prisons is very profitable for the corporations that build them. just ask any prison contractor in the us. it's one of the fastest growing sectors in the american economy. when you destroy the educational system, you've got to have somewhere to store the 'non-productive' members of society.

you can't build democracy, or make a tidy profit, without a shitload of prisons.

war college in the thunderdome 25.May.2004 01:57

el aurens

Bizarre, "Dr. Strangelove" like setting, a kind of metal corral or pen he was in, with dim blue lights on the military brass audience and repeat pattern of war college war college war college in the background. It was as if some movie set designer in 1981 had envisioned what a fascist regime would look like in the year 2004.

The military audience didn't seem terribly appreciative, applauding a very few times during the speech. Later, on the talk shows, derogatory jokes about Bush got huge laughs and applause, especially on Letterman. Jimmy Kimmel joked that Bush's bike accident was caused by "Osama Schwinn Laden" and revealed that the bike accident was not caused by rain creating loose topsoil as claimed by a White House spokesperson -- Kimmel read the weather reports of zero rain in Crawford in past weeks. So another lie exposed.

It is important that the military brass, the talk shows, Republican Senators, Howard Stern and Tom Clancy have turned against the neo-cons. Those who actually bought their bill of goods in the first place will be the angriest. Because they were lied to and they believed it.

war college was picked for a reason 25.May.2004 04:26


the war college was picked for a reason. bush has royally fucked over the us military with this war. make no mistake, military brass loves war, but they want wars that can be justified to the majority of the sheeple and they want wars that can be won with a minimum of 'merican blood.

just because some members of the war college were applauding tonight does not mean that some of these clappers and others would not launch a military coup against bush is he does something really stupid, which unfortunately is the man's forte.

if you think it's impossible, read "The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012", which is being read by a lot of washington and military insiders these days.


think about the words of retired general anthony zinni, who recently told 60 minutes how badly bush and his people have screwed up.