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Hey there, dont sit alone at home, join us in creating hand-made cards and political colouring books for political prisoners every Monday night @ The Red & Black Cafe [SE 21st and division]
We provide a variety of art supplies and nifty ideas, as well as addresses for a number of political prisoners. We invite you to bring a sense of fun, conscience, and any fanciful paper or other stationary accessories you might have on hand and join us for commradery, beer, and card making every Monday afternoon, 6:30pm ~ 8:30pm. In addition to making cards, we are working on a consciousness-raising coloring book on justice issues. Have fun, meet new people, refine your creative skills, and enjoy the nearly lost art of correspondence. Don't know any political prisoners to write to? We will introduce you to a few. Don't know what to say? Fill your card with fun designs, quotes or political cartoons. Dont think you have any artistic skill? Pish-posh! We owe our brothers-and-sisters-in-arms our solidarity, support and a connection to the "outside: JOIN US!