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Fight racism March

Bonehead activity has been on the rise in Portland and its suburbs, we must fight back! We cannot allow the nazi skins to enter our city once more, now is the time to fight!
As of late in The greater Portland area there has been a dramatic increase in Nazi activity mainly in spreading lies taregting minorities on both the radio waves and in vandalism around the city. The situation finally has come to the attention of the general public with their blatent attempts at gaining new recruits by distributing propaganda in the Tigard area, Portland will not stand for this, we shall never be known as one of the white pride capitols of the world show your support by rallying and marching against racism at Cook park at 6;30 on Thursday the 27th.

also 24.May.2004 21:18


blacks have had death threats directed at them in the streets of bellingham wa.at night and in broad daylight in highly trafficked public spaces.hate takes refuge in northwest