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Child ID system makes its mark

In addition to being fingerprinted, the children were videotaped answering questions about their family, favorite hiding spots, and places they like to go after school...
14,000 prints taken in Milton
By Peter Demarco, Globe Correspondent, 5/23/2004

MILTON -- Adventure is Tom Bruynell's middle name. Ever since the 4-year-old could walk, he has wandered off at shopping malls, the San Diego Zoo, and his big sister's school band recital. He once went missing for 45 minutes before police tracked him down in the back room of a store playing on a computer.

And so, when his mother, Karen, heard that a free child identification program was being offered in her hometown of Milton yesterday, she grabbed Tom and her other two children and made a beeline to the event.

"These two stick to me like glue," she said, hugging her other children, Jonathan and Hilary . "Tom is the one that's very curious and adventurous and not afraid. And that makes me afraid."

Bruynell's were among the estimated 14,000 children who participated yesterday in a massive, seven-state identification drive organized by the Masonic Child Identification Program, or CHIP.

With 67 participating communities, including several in and around the Boston area, the effort was touted as the largest single-day "comprehensive" child identification drive ever held in the United States.

In addition to being fingerprinted, the children were videotaped answering questions about their family, favorite hiding spots, and places they like to go after school. Dentists and dental hygenists volunteered their time, taking teeth impressions and saliva samples for DNA analysis from each child.

All of the identification materials are kept by the parents to ensure privacy, said Dr. David Harte, a Milton Mason who founded the program in 1998.

"We've done almost 190,000 Massachusetts kids. We should pass that number today," he said of the CHIP program, sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Masons.

In addition to the sign-up drives, 43 public school systems have registered students through the program, Harte said.

He said the most recent system is Quincy. "We have 16 schools there finishing up on June 2. That will make them the largest K-12 school system in the nation" to register all their students, he said.

At Cunningham Hall in Milton yesterday, clowns raced around on roller skates as children -- some bashful, some bubbly -- were videotaped in front of posters indicating their height. Deirdre and Brad Sassaman of Franklin, stood in line to have a mouth swab taken of their 17-month-old, Mae.

"Our daughter is adopted. Her DNA is different," Deirdre Sassaman said. "We wouldn't have a sample without this program."

John and Magdalen Bish, who are testifying this week before a Worcester grand jury investigating their daughter Molly's disappearance and death, were expected to attend yesterday's event in Milton but canceled because of time constraints.

Source: http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/144/metro/Child_ID_system_makes_its_mark%2B.shtml
wtf 24.May.2004 17:16


Ahh, yes. Who needs to practice good parenting like keeping an eye on your children and being RESPONSIBLE for their safety. it's a shame that there isn't a test you have to take to become a parent, there are too many irresponsible, lazy parents out there, and this just coddles them.
what's next, a GPS chip stuck up their ass?

Tom will just grow up... 24.May.2004 17:47

Pravda or Consequences

to be an angry pissed-off tagged asshole.

A GPS up their ass? 24.May.2004 22:36


No need my friend, they'll be a GPS chip in every phone and probably every car and piece of ID before you know it.

You wouldn't want to call 911 and not have the emergency worker be able to pinpoint your exact location would you? You might get hurt without a GPS device watching your every move, didn't you know?

Free Mason mark of the beast 666 25.May.2004 09:16

Axis of Evil

this is run by the masons? the masons are owned by the illuminati.

Masonic Child ID program 22.Jul.2005 00:49

Current Master of a Masonic Lodge

We are hosting a Child ID program at our lodge on this Saturday. The equipment consists of a donated computer with a webcam and an electronic fingerprint scanner. The child has their picture taken, thumb prints scanned, and the parents keep the printout. We don't store any of this information, and there is no 'chip' being implanted. The whole program is so that it is easy for parents to get an up-to-date information sheet on their child, just in case the worst happens. (As far as being owned by the illuminati... I wish they would show up and pay some of our bills...)