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We Are Everywhere/Iraq speaking tour in Portland this Saturday night

Jo Wildings and David Martinez came under U.S.Marine gunfire while they were in Fallujah, Iraq recently. They were captured and released by members of the Iraqi resistance. Both will be speaking, along with others in the We Are Everywhere/Iraq tour, this Saturday at Liberty Hall.
The We Are Everywhere/Iraq speaking tour will be in Portland at the Liberty Hall, 311 North Ivy, this Saturday, May 29th, at 7:30 PM.

We Are Everywhere is a collection of writings by activists and organizers in the anti-globalization movement. The book was intended to be as useful as a brick in the hands of people around the globe.

The We Are Everywhere/Iraq tour has been barnstorming across the U.S. for the last month, speaking in as many cities as possible. Three of the members of the group are recently returned from Iraq.

Film-maker David Martinez and British human rights activist Jo Wildings were in Fallujah, Iraq when they came under U.S.Marine gunfire. They were captured and released by members of the Iraqi resistance. Canadian photojournalist Andrew Stern was also in Iraq, many of his photographs have been circulated worldwide, contradicting the 'official story'.Jennifer Whitney, one of the creators of We Are Everywhere, has been an organizer and participant in global movements for the last five years

Please welcome them to Portland for a discussion of a world in resistance.

homepage: homepage: http://www.WeAreEverywhere.org