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Bush's Iraq speech tonight- early transcript

Universal prayer this evening- as Bush starts speaking let us pray together that Bush experiences spiritual enlightenment on national TV. ....

To my fellow Americans, and all the world, I must apologize. We have lied to you about many important things, and we're very sorry. I was in denial of the true consequences of my decisions and actions.

I was blinded by my religious fundamentalism, and misguided by my misunderstanding of Jesus' true message. I mean, what part of love thy neighbor didn't I understand? I was driven by self-righteousness and a determination to push through my own agenda. That's not too cool. I should have been more concerned with what you, the citizens of this great country, my employers, wanted me to do.

I have recently awakened to how badly I've been behaving. The other night, my wife Laura read me a bedtime story from a college textbook of developmental psychology, and I clearly saw how my aggressive persona had been fueled by the desire to please my parents, to overcome my feelings of inadequacy, and to compensate for what I had come to feel was a life of failure.

I shared these feelings with Laura, and when I saw the understanding in her eyes, I realized that everyone already knew this but me! A force, deep inside me, began to rise, and I started crying. I was like a helpless baby sobbing, thinking about all the
misery and death I had caused for people around the world, just because I didn't feel loved.

As Laura held me and rocked me gently, it all started really sinking in. My god, I thought, how can I possibly make this right with everyone? And I began to panic a little then. I'm not embarrassed to admit it, I was drawing blanks.

Has any nation in the history of man ever been able to pull out of a full-frontal empirical crusade? How do you give back all those lives destroyed in the name of, 'Our way is the best way'? How do you un-brainwash your own people after convincing them our way is the only way? How do you get other countries to trust you again? These questions plagued me, as well as haunting images of my own public execution, witnessed by billions on pay-per-view and the internet.

I realized if I were to come out with the truth, chaos would surely erupt in our cities, and the level of danger to Americans around the world would be severe. I realized that many of you who believed we were telling the truth, that we were looking out for your best interests, would become hopeless and depressed beyond help. I felt trapped, like a cornered animal, and at that moment a vision came down upon me.

I clearly saw that the spirit animating life has it's own intelligence, and this pure undifferentiated consciosness permeates every atom, and resides in the heart of every person, in every creature, plant and rock.

Now, I had to stop and collect my thoughts at this point, because there was a lot of information coming at me. I relaxed my mind to allow the revelations to flow. What I saw next was as undeniable as me standing here in front of you. I had no choice but to tell the truth. Nothing else was going to help.

No matter how great the tragedies our deceptions have caused, the confessing of our sins is sure to cause many times that, for truth is a powerful force. When you lie to people for so long - and you have all been lied to for longer than you know - you create a rabid scourge of ignorant masses, ready to take their cues from the despot with the most happening party favors. My only wish is, after you've enacted on me the very forms of torture and cruelty I have inflicted on so many, and after I'm gone from this world, you will all remember the lessons we've learned together.

Who would've ever imagined me saying this, but here goes: to survive this life with your soul intact, you must learn to question authority.

In the future, I pray that each one of you will learn to think for yourself, and to follow your most wondrous imagining of life's potential.

Don't wait for the promise of a better life after this one's over. Use every part of your creativity and build a better reality here, now.

Create a personal relationship with the Divine. All the religious scriptures emphasize the need to commune with your creator, and I'll tell you personally, you can best do that on your own, no need for middlemen. Look at how often Jesus called out the pharisees for their hypocrisy, arrogantly assuming they were closer to God than anyone else.

And never, I implore you, make the mistake I made, and which I consider my greatest error in judgment. It is wrong to use God to defend killing. Sure there's a lot of that in the Old Testament, but those were different times, and people had a much narrower perspective then.

We have come so far in the last hundred years, to the point where you can all communicate directly with each other, anywhere in the world. Now you don't have to believe what false leaders tell you is going on in your world. You can ask each other. And boy, do I recommend that right about now.

Go on, talk to each other, and make it deep. Ask the important questions. Who needs help? Are you hungry? Like some food? What needs to be done for the Earth we depend on? Who's got the alternative energy plans? Who knows how to grow healthy food in healthy soil? Who knows how to farm hemp? How can we make this life a more enriching time on our cosmic journey through God's mind?

And don't hold back, because helping feels so good. Don't hold back based on nationality or race or sexual affiliations, just go for it. Six billion Mother Theresa's, how about that?

I will leave you now with this last thought: There is no one in charge. Each of us is responsible, each accountable for our own thoughts and actions. If you find yourself condemning others, as I used to, you may want to stop and check out your own yard, your own home, your life and actions and attitudes, and see if you can't make some improvements there. Then you can look at the speck in your brothers eye.

I learned that from someone I used to think I understood.

Thank you, America. May we all learn from the mistakes of a few bad apples.

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Preview Transcript Of Bush Iraq Strategy Speech TONIGHT Monday 5/24 24.May.2004 10:37

take the training wheels off

Official Transcript of President Bush's televised speech to the Army War College:

Wow 24.May.2004 10:38

Tampa Boy

It may have been a joke, but it wasn't funny. It was MOVING. Thx lots for it.