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Tale of a Portland Property Pimp

A notorious Portland Slumlord by the name of Theodore "Ted" Robertson, of 212 NE 166 Ave., has recently evicted and thrown out a disabled man, who happens to be a notary, on the street. This is not the first time that this devout Mormon, who routinely harrasses tenants in conversion ploys, has done this. He is one of worst offenders in the NE Alberta area.
A notorious Portland Slumlord by the name of Theodore "Ted" Robertson, of 212 NE 166 Ave., has recently evicted and thrown out a disabled man, who happens to be a notary, on the street. This is not the first time that this devout Mormon, who routinely harrasses tenants in conversion ploys, has done this. He is one of worst offenders in the NE Alberta area.

The violent eviction action was done against a disabled notary man, who lost both his legs while sleeping rough on the streets some winters ago. This eviction occurred around a month ago. Apparently some months before, the above named disabled man, who goes by the name of "Grumpy," was living in a shared flat with other housemates under the same landlord. While staying at the shared flat a convicted felon moved in, by the name of Dave Marquez. This bad character began to manipulate the landlord Ted Robertson, where eventually the other flatmates left, leaving only "Grumpy" who happened to be disabled at the time. This also left G___ unable to foot the whole rent; the felon refusing to contribute his part of the rent. The landlord finally figured out the scam techniques of the felon, and so the felon then took off and is still on the run. Landlord Ted Robertson, who also happens to own many properties in the recently gentrified NE Alberta area, wanted G____ to leave the shared flat, in that he wanted to sell property at a new "market price." The landlord offered another good flat in the NE Alberta area for G___, and it would be for 250$US per month. The landlord, with his son, also offered to help the disabled man move. This is when the real troubles started.

First, after they "helped" move his things, he noticed various things that were missing. Next, the cool flat near Alberta was a perfect example concerning the abuse of sub-standard housing, which is so commonplace in this neighborhood. It was just a part of a basement with no emergency door for escape, a literal fire trap; the only door out had six steps leading to it. One must remember that G___ is missing both of his legs. From the door, there was a steep driveway that led to the street (another hazard). The "basement" also had exposed plumbing and wires, no ceiling of any value whatsoever, and the place was infested with rats. G___ usually had to sweep away the rat shit and piss from his things daily. Finally, the landlord would leave annoying Mormon relgious tracts on his things, and in his things daily. All this for 250$US per month! The above named property is located on 5255 NE 21st.

Suddenly, with no 30 day notice of eviction, Landlord Ted Robertson mentioned G___'s problems in paying utilities, which was totally untrue in that G___ was punctuous in paying all his bills on time. G___ was forcibly evicted and was afterwards, having trouble finding a shared flat, since he is without both his legs and he is completely a teotaller, yet does drink coffee and smokes. His social security "benefit" does not cover a housing allowance, and so now he is currently sleeping rough in the NE Alberta neighborhood. He was sleeping rough within a park in Beaverton, but the police would do repeated harrassment against him from midnight to 4 morning with visits from different cops on the beat throught the night shift. This tragedy is, without a doubt, being repeated in many newly "gentrified" areas of Portland. Why is it that little acts of disobedience are punished so severly, but these types of property pimps seem to get away with their crimes?

report: corvallis slumlord 23.May.2004 22:21

rent redux

Corvallisonians: beware of Kip Schoning. He lives in the timberhill neighborhood, is chauffeur driven around in a limo and owns the houses with red doors and lawn signs reading: "Ca$h For Your House". This creep lets tweakers rent and trash his pads, spends the minimal amount to clean/fix them up, raises the rent and starts the cycle all over with the next tweaker or hapless college student. There have been several formal complaints filed against him.

Sounds like a group needs to form 24.May.2004 00:46

why not?

Why not make a deck of cards like those copwatch guys made? "Slumloards of the Pacific NW," and sell them to raise cash for homeless?

By the way, what's the signifigance of the "notary" references? So the guy can stamp signatures, is this important somehow? Just curious.

Sounds like a great project 24.May.2004 01:44

Mr. B. projektkancer_999@yahoo.com

Sounds lie a wonderful project. If the above poster would like to email me, maybe we could put our head s together, do some digging and come up with that deck of cards.

Neo Land"lords" 24.May.2004 04:21

It Time

When this particular land"Lord" moved in and took over he Didn't listen to my Voice against the skum(pimps) that lives in my building. They are absolutely VICIOUS and THEN SOME. NO conscience do they have, NONE whatsoever, except in my whole LIFE I've seen them do 2 good things!!!! They don't pay taxes for roads, hospitals and what not! They do WHATEVER they feel like doing - WHEN THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT...that is WHY I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SUPPORT YOU GUYS IN BUYING THOSE CARDS AND I CAN ONLY BUY SO MANY. I'll buy a few to distribute. What I would REALLY LIKE is stickers or small 1 page leaflets to hand out!! I need them small so that I can hide them before giving them out, plus it takes up too much room to have so many. I am doing supportive actions now, but by the end of June I will be ready to buy some from YOU.
Getting back to the land"lord" in my building(literally thank GOD he's been fired - Proof we can stand up for our Rights) - he was an absolute Tyrant! Except they know when to be "Nice" when they want to be. He did a repair in my apt.(last Feb.) and he turned on me; never stood up for me when a very serious thing happened. Then another bad thing happened and then I KNEW WHAT to DO!! I phoned the Owners. Apparently someone had got there before me. A man on the phone said that they were getting a new Landlord and boy he's quite a Lot better then ones I've had in the past!!! WHY do they act SO High and Mighty. ITS OUR MONEY THEY TAKE!!
PLEASE do something to help these Fantastic people who have been victims of the system:
Thank you Scott for posting this info. I'm always Interested in Helping the Poor Homeless!!
www.tibet.org - boycott "Made In China" - for trying to displace the Tibetans whose only "crime" is the idea of a Good Peacefull World, 4 Us All!

Ron Still is also a slumlord 24.May.2004 09:56

Radical Element

That's right, Ron Still. Anyone remember him? He was once the chief of police in PDX. Yep, that's right. Graduated from lord of those who pepper spray babies to slumlord. Ron and his wife, Pat, have a real estate biz in pdx, and they also have rental properties here and there which, at least at one time, were manged by their son. Their rental properties are disgraceful. I have had occasion to visit several of them.

In one case, a young family had moved into a shack owned by the Stills. Shortly after they moved in, black mold appeared all over the walls in the bedrooms and living room. A window at the rear of the "house" was not sealed properly around the edges, so that it sweated profusely in cold weather. Since there was little insulation, and since the heat was generally not functioning, ice would form on the inside of the window. They called Ron Still numerous times to ask him to address these problems, but he not only failed to do so, he became nasty with them. They said he would return their calls early on Sunday mornings and yell at them for bothering him with these details. He never tried to fix anything in the home.

When they discovered paint chips all over in the soil outside the home, they became concerned about the possibility of lead. They had the paint tested inside the home and the soil tested outside. They promptly gave notice after living in the home for only a few months. Mr. Still became enraged. He shouted at them, belittled them, and kept their deposit. He claimed it was their fault he had to repaint the house, when in fact, the stains on the walls were all caused by the black mold which probably grew there because he had never addressed either the insulation issue or the problem with the window.

slumlord roll call 24.May.2004 17:39


Yes please turn over those rocks and let's see them! You're doing your fellow renters a valuable service.

All landlords are evil 24.May.2004 20:14

Winning the war on capitalism one home at a time!

There is no good landlords, just oppressors, speculators, exploiters, investors, venture capitalists.

City-Wide Rent Strike!!!

All North American Revolutionary Collective Against Housing Inequality and Exploitation, Tenants Union.

Resources 24.May.2004 20:14

For the guy who got evicted

Housing Authority of Portland

HAP is committed to providing safe, decent and affordable housing to individuals and families in Multnomah County, Oregon, who face income or other life challenges. HAP offers support through a wide variety of programs and services. Our website is designed to educate citizens about these programs and services, and to share how HAP is working to build a stronger community.

Multnomah County
Aging and Disability Services
Helpline (503) 988-3646

Slumlords suck 24.May.2004 21:55


I have to say I don't like the emphasis on "convicted felon," as if that were proof enough that the person who scammed the wronged tenant is a bad apple. Judge him by his actions, not by his record. We all know the criminal justice system is skewed against the poor, people of color, and those with consciences. Lots of good people are "convicted felons," and lots of shitheads aren't. (Some of the latter wear uniforms, and some of them live in the whitehouse.)

Other than that, though, I appreciate this article and the comments that follow. Particularly the one that gives resources to the person who was evicted.

And yes, Ron Still is a slumlord. Crooked and self-centered, and willing to rob working class families. Run like hell if you ever find him at the other end of a lease.

landlord 25.May.2004 00:25


i am a landlord. someone has to do it, and i do it well. i treat everybody with dignity and respect. i work full time myself and know what it is like to fall on hard times. when i can, i offer work trades (a fair wage, 10 per hour) to people who cant pay thier rent temporarily. i repair everything as soon as humanly possible. i refund deposits, in cash, after a walk through on the day of the move out. i keep or deduct less than 1 out of every 10, and only for good reason.

just because someone worked hard to buy some property and take on mortgage payments, in the hopes the sale of said land would support them when they are old, does not make them bad people.

two octobers ago, i refinanced everything. when you refinance a house, you skip a mortgage payment. i have four houses, plus my own. in the month that i didnt have to pay the mortgage companies, i banked the money, nesting a wonderful surprise. you should have seen the look on the young families faces when i stopped by for rent explaining the situation and why i wasn't collecting any that month and wishing them happy holidays. one of the families bought me an angel bird feeder, because when they were looking at the house a few months before i commented how there used to be one, and how much i liked it, and how sad i was that the previous renters took it when they moved out.

there were only three free rent familes, tho. i had one vacancy. when i went to the second house i found it empty, windows open in the rain, no note, no notice, just garbage everywhere. they called me two months later threatening to sue if i didn't return their deposit, which was spent replacing very damaged carpeting, repainting, and replacing the washer and dryer they took with them.

the class war doesnt automatically have to be against anyone who is trying to move up or doesn't believe that social security could be there or them in 20 years. i know this isn't a general landlord bashing article, but i just thought i'd like to put my two cents in anyway.

traitors & scabs 25.May.2004 09:13


rent = unearned income = theft.

need more to say? you feed on proletariat money. that's immoral.

all north american revolutionary collective against housing inequality and exploitation, tenants union (anarchie-tu)
"winning the war on capitalism, one home at a time."

Come On 25.May.2004 10:21


The landlord who posted wrote a thoughtful article. No need to dump on someone responsible. Would you rather rent from a property management company shilling houses for a slumlord or from an individual who obviously takes the time to act compassionately and responsibly and sees his/her tenants as individuals?

I have lived in my affordable, small rented home for almost four years. My landlord could have raised the rent at any time, but hasn't. He has even asked if we are doing alright because landlords know that getting and keeping a tenant that is going to treat their property with consideration is often difficult.

For every story of landlord abuse, I could tell you another about rental abuse . . . smoke damage, pet damage, destruction of appliances and furnishings, holes punched in walls, failure to report problems so that, when the landlord finally becomes aware of them, they are very expensive or impossible to fix. I am all for lifting the rocks off of the slimy slumlords - the bad landlords and property managers - and exposing their despicable doings. These people are scum and prey on their tenants. But there's nothing to be gained by dumping on reasonable, responsible people who choose to rent or lease their homes for whatever reason.

By the way, if it's not OK for individuals to rent out homes, who would you have do it?

Kip Schoning is worst 20.Jun.2005 12:25


I have had the displeasure of dealing with this person. My head still hurts from trying to get him to take action. Leaking pipes, broken oven, and weeks if not months to fix anything. I think Im still coughing up mold. This man is a true asshole and disgrace. I would not lose a wink of sleep if he were to just drop dead, and I really mean that.

kip schoning 22.Aug.2005 09:20

mad girl

Kip Schoning rented me a house. I lived there for 3 months. He said my room mate and I could paint

we charged the paint to his account with his permission. Now he is sueing me for painting. what a bastard. He will not get away with this!!!!!

Kip Schoning 20.Dec.2005 18:08

Guess who?

I bought a house on contract from Kip Schoning and he defaulted on his primany mortgage. I put about $50,000 into the house. The house went into default and though I had refinancing ready to go for over three months Schoning waited until 18 hours before the house was up for auction to go to the mortgage company to sign the papers. There is ONE YEAR LATER there is STILL over $5,000 in the escrow account that I am paying intrest on and I am still waiting on yet another cort date to settle this. He just does not show up for court! He is a real sleeze bucket and a waste of space on the planet. BEWARE

Kip Schoning unwilling to take reponsibility for his actions 13.Jan.2006 03:49

another victim

With this guy the big question is WHY? Why is he allowed to continue "business as usual". Live in a nice house and have nice things that he pays for with money he essentially steals and the juggles around to make it look like he s this big happening man about town. I used the think he was just sleazy but now I think he is just so narcissistic that he can not even understand how his actions (or lack of action) effects innocent people who happen to be unfortunate enough to unwhittingly get involved in one of his scams.

In my dealings with him, he did not return my phone calls. He does not respond to communications between our attorney's. He does not show up to court appearances "Duh, I forgot!". What an arrogant idiot. I was screwed over by this guy for THOUSABDS of dollars. I came within hours of loosing my house. Yet for some reason he does not think he did anything wrong!

This whole thing could have been settled in a matter of days but he insists on dragging it on and on. It's like dealing with a twelve year old boy, who sulks and stamps his feet if he does not get his way. Now I have been dealing with this for 18-months. The attorney bills are HUGE. Schoning does not have a chance of prevailing in court. It's simple I am right and he is wrong. I will NEVER give up!!!!!!! He is running out of free passes in the legal system and at some point I will prevail. I will be on him like flies on shit.

Stay away from him, do not rent from him and certainly do not BUY from him, he has the scruples of a weasel.


If anyone wants help nailing this guy, leave a post with some contact info I wil chak back and contact you. Schoning is very good at staying on the edge of being an outright swindler, but if enough people go to the district attorney a criminal case can be filed.

Kip Schoning- what is there left to say about this guy? 13.Jan.2006 18:15

The girl you do NOT want to piss off aggiemae@quik.com

I found the posting where the Kipper takes someone to court over paint hysterical, really, I laughed for about 10 minutes. I even shared the joke with several friends.... UNBELIEVABLE!!!! He owes me thousands of dollars and will not even sign over the balance in MY escrow account (MY MONEY that I borrowed and am paying interest on that he has absolutely NO claim too!!!)

I have written an article about my dealing with Kippy this past 18 months. Please read it and respond if you have had real estate or legal dealing with him.

My email is  aggiemae@quik.com

Kip Schoning wears red boots too 14.May.2007 15:20

dont fvck with me

yup, this clown is still at it, saw him in Home Depot the other day, wearing shorts and red shiny boots, Bragging to some random people about how it "all starts with the first half a million"... i have finally moved out of his place a little while ago... all my crap is still moldy and smells like that apt... needless to say it was pretty run down, with waste water from upstairs bathroom leaking down the walls of my apt and over the roof of my neighbors' apt due to an internally broken sewage pipe, with a propane stove that still had pilot lights on each burner, with holes into the basement that would fit a raccoon through, with cracking lead-based paint on all windows... and whoever did the wiring was obviously severely high, because the power meters share different apartments, when i use my heater AND microwave at the same time, it blows my neighbor's breaker... the wiring is also a fire hazard as most of it was simply twisted together by hand and left uncovered inside the walls, so if something vibrates, like a ceiling fan, sometimes there can be electrical short circuits and more blown breakers... well, thanx for fun memories of my college days, Kiparoo

Virgil L.Egli is one of Kansas City's property pimps! 18.Apr.2012 15:47


You DO NOT want to deal with this landlord. He will scream and shout at your guests and even those helping you move in. He did my crew. Don't expect much privacy as he thinks that since he owns the building, he can go in anytime he pleases. If you go in on a voucher, he's mad because you don't measure up economically eventhough he has all the Shelter Care Plus (a HUD program for those who can't fit in regular Section 8 due to mental illness) properties in Midtown (Kansas City). He will even complain about your furnishings being junk. If you're a Christian be sure not to tell him, as he will even challenge your faith as he did me. He also sues his tennants regularly as he tires of them. Go to " https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/cases/searchCases.do?searchType=name" Type "Egli" as a last name and see for yourself. And when you do get evicted, all of your belongings as self-proclaimed by him as "public property". He will give it away his self to everyone but you, the person who worked hard for it. he does maintain his buildings nicely, but the constant harrassment is not worth it. Word to the wise, AVOID RENTING FROM HIM. Don't be poor while renting from him, or he'll find a way to use it againist you and let you know that you don't measure up to him.