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The Daily Poetry Movement

Two versions: one in English and the other is spanish of this song from the spanish anarchist movement of the spanish civil war. I hope that you enjoy this quaint peice of history. I guess our great grand parents must have been some really rockin' people. Hey did you know it is never to late to rise up? Have a fabulous uprising tommorrow! My sweet angels: make joy!
Mujeres Libres Anthem
Lucia Sanchez Saornil
Valencia 1937

Fists upraised, women of Iberia
towards horizons pregnant with light
on paths afire
feet on the ground
face to the blue sky.

Affirming the promise of life
we defy tradition
we mold the warm clay
of a new world born of pain.

Let the past vanish into nothingness!
What do we care for yesterday!
We want to write anew
the word WOMAN.

Fists upraised, women of the world
towards horizons pregnant with light
on paths afire
onward, onward
toward the light.


PuŅo en alto mujeres de Iberia
hacia horizontes preŅados de luz
por rutas ardientes,
los pies en la tierra
la frente en lo azul.

Afirmando promesas de vida
desafiamos la tradiciŪn
modelemos la arcilla caliente
de un mundo que nace del dolor.

°Que el pasado se hunda en la nada!
°Que nos importa del ayer!
Queremos escribir de nuevo
la palabra MUJER.

PuŅo en alto mujeres del mundo
hacia horizontes preŅados de luz
por rutas ardientes
adelante, adelante
de cara a la luz.

Disclaimer: Uhhhhh the essay I wrote recently: to many sci fi books. Thanks! I'll stay away from the sci-fi for awhile...still...it could happen?, couldn't it? But what is really going on? Ya know! It's so fucking carzy and shit... I can't belive how insane it all is... Sometimes I feel like the whole world is an HLS labatory and these insane satanic men have the weapons of vivisection! But what can we do? Resist! Dance! Bike! Eat Green! Don't support the war machine! Get pictures of pies and facial contacts! Rock n' Roll Kittens! Love you all a million different ways.
Keep the poetry coming-- the antidote to the religion of death 22.May.2004 09:00


Bone up on Dean Swift and Lewis Carroll. The crazy world of illusion didn't just start, of course.

The difference is, these guys have nuclear weapons. Little by little, I'm being drawn into the realization that these folks may actually be reptillioids from outer space as David Ickes maintains, but so far, I am able to convince myself that they really are human beings, and with time, will respond to the universal human activity limiters of repressed guilt and shame-- it's just that they are pretty resistant to those triggers.

There is a shred of hope. Keep the poetry coming

Tom (cat) 22.May.2004 10:12

Migratory Bird migratorybird@riseup.net

Dear Beloved Tom Cat (though a virtual stranger),

Thank you for responding kindly to the poetry movement and to my brief but altogether lapse of reason when confronting the very real horrors of historical american war during the last century culminationg in these gritted-teethed insincere apolgies for the war machines/governement office holders. They don't fucking mean a thing they say, it happens every damn time we depoly our troops out of this country and I AM OUTRAGED!

Anyway darlin, for you I will pick a poem of one of your requested authors and put it on TDPM. If you like it please add your own comment becuase I am notorious for getting it different-- not wrong--- but different. Bless your little heart, darlin! Keep the poetry movement alive!

Now this is the part where I go into the I have a dream speach where I have included the word poetry over and over. But if you don't want to hear it please fastforward this email to the end.

Migratory Bird