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Fox News and Portland Indymedia

Portland Indymedia website mentioned on Fox News
I was flipping through channels tonight and I saw that the fox news show "Your World with Neil Cavuto" showed a breif shot of an article on the portland indymedia site, attacking John Kerry. Did anyone catch this tonight?

WHICH article about Kerry? 22.May.2004 02:17

more info

and context, please

Fox News? 22.May.2004 08:38

Lookout kid

Isn't that spelled FAUX NEWS?

Surfing 22.May.2004 09:28


Sorry I didn't make it clear that i was flipping through channels quickly last night and I stopped because I saw the portland indymedia website on a channel. (I don't have a tv and was at someones house who does.) They showed a article on indymedia in which someone, to paraphrase said that if you want someone who has the same values as bush look no further than Kerry.) They made a breif statement about John Kerry flip-flopping on issues and showed Nader and talked about Kerrry denying that he told Nader he would help reduce the power of corporations in Amerika. I was just wondering if anyone saw the whole story. I assume they were showing the indymedia site to show that the left bashes Kerry as well.

not surprising 22.May.2004 13:39

expect more

In the black and white world of neo-cons, if anybody left of center says something that can be used against a neo-con opponent, then all people left of center have said it. Of course, that's no reason to be silent, because the Faux-watching meat-heads are going to vote for Bush regardless. Faux has done its worst and can't really do much more unless Bush's version of Patriotism is expanded by, say, another terrorist attack.