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Kerry To Delay Acceptance Of Democratic Nomination So He Can Raise More Cash

John Kerry is considering advice not to officially accept his party's nomination until around early September, so that the Democrats will not be forced to start spending his $75 million Federal general election campaign check until then (around the same time the Bush gets his at the Republican convention).

under this scheme, Kerry can also continue raising money until around the same time as Bush is nominated.

" Campaign officials confirmed that they're actively considering an extraordinary plan under which Kerry wouldn't be formally nominated at the Democratic National Convention in late July and instead would be designated as the party's nominee weeks later, around the time of the Republican convention at the end of August.

The plan, one of several ideas that campaign and party officials said are being discussed to level the financial playing field with the Republicans, is fraught with political complications -- maintaining excitement at the convention and countering Republican criticism among them -- and some legal questions as well. But it underscores again the extent to which fund-raising and financial considerations are driving campaign strategy in this election cycle. "

. . .

" But some party leaders worried Friday that delaying the nomination would diminish the significance of the convention itself. Political strategists see the national conventions as one of the most important moments of the campaigns, despite the fact that they are heavily scripted. For challengers like Kerry, they offer the first real opportunity to introduce themselves to a wide audience.

Kerry officials said Friday they were already discussing unconventional approaches to their convention because of limited prime-time interest by the major broadcast networks, beyond postponing the nomination. Asked how Kerry could deliver the traditional acceptance speech if he is not the nominee, Cutter said, "That comes down to semantics, doesn't it?" "

Convention as Farce
That comes down to semantics 22.May.2004 08:55


Odd that, how people who are lying say words don't have meanings.

Money Makes The World Go Round 22.May.2004 10:44

Cheney Watch

The way money controls the outcome of elections in this country is disgusting. The best candidate in the world would have an uphill battle if he or she couldn't afford to field and spend millions of dollars. Millions of dollars in a time when people are suffering for want of even the most basic services. Millions of dollars that are little more than "favor" chits that will be honored later when the candidate is in office. It was heartening to see Tom Potter's "victory" locally but that - like Mayor Bud Clark's election - are rare events.

All is just talk, he hasn't won yet 22.May.2004 12:31


If the dems were smart they would nominate Raplh Nadar, but ...

If you beleive in democracy and dislike deMOCKracy and the idea of a skull and bones frat brother as president you will not only vote for Nadar (becase a vote for Nadar is a vote for Nadar, and not a vote for either KKKBush or KKKerry), but you will get off your ass and make sure he will be on your ballot.

Kerry's VP? 22.May.2004 13:03


Does this mean that Kerry will also delay announcing his running mate? I see some real problems here.

pathetic 23.May.2004 09:28


The entire fake primary has been controlled by money and now this!!??

Shouldn't Kerry have to EARN the nomination? I haven't met a democrat yet who has a clear understanding of Kerry's positions. The idea that he has been in the senate for 19 years, voted for Nafta, and now his plan is that if he is elected he will have a 120 day review of it! WTF has he been doing? He should be fired as senator.

If elected he will fight for the common people, but until then screw it. He couldn't even show up for a vote on unemployment benefits, so millions of americans have lost their unemployment extension. Thanks John Kerry.

Anyone Out There? 23.May.2004 10:16

Still believe

That we are going to have a real election?

The selection charade marches on as Diebold, ES&S, and other scam vote counting systems have it in the bag.