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YIPPIE activist STEW ALBERT speaks!

7pm at laughing horse books 3652 se division st 503-236-2893
sat may 22nd. Stew will be speaking and reading from his NEW autobiography, WHO THE HELL IS STEW ALBERT!
Stew albert is still alive, and that is quite a task considering several of his revolutionary comrades meet with sticky ends, thanx to the fear and fury of murderous rich white men. Stew was an organizer, and an activist, back when for a period of time the PEOPLE had the momenteum, and did everything in their power to change this imperialist, decadent, capitalist, nation, of war mongers.
He is alive to tell the tale, and is one of the most important examples of a true amerikan hero. To shrug aside the fear and paranoia, and teach this important forgetten history of reppression is never a small feat.
Please come and hear stew talk and read from his new book. He will also sign a copy just for you.
cheers FAY
YIPPIE 21.May.2004 20:15