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Russia to ratify Kyoto Protocol

Just heard on the evening news Vladmir Putin announced he would ratify the Global Warming Treaty, which had stalled following failure by the U.S. and Russia to sign on.
The European Union announced its intention to again push the treaty, and that for its action Russia would be admitted to the World Trade Organization. Bet THAT'll give the Bushies something to chew on for awhile. Maybe GW will again declare Russia the "Evil Empire" or put it on the list of countries "sponsoring terror". After all, "If you're not with us, you're against us".

Wonder how Russia's membership in the WTO will affect the "economic recovery" the Bush administration is trying so hard to convince us is taking place, and what renewed impetus it might give to the rush to outsource everything but pizza delivery jobs.

Someone said the Grand Canyon was formed when someone at a Chamber of Commerce convention lost a nickel down a gopher hole. Just wait 'til Russia is recognized as a legitimate player in the world economy. What happens when Russia's VAST natural and human resources are thrown into the mix?