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Colombia Rises Against Free Trade Agreements

Thousands of workers marched in all the large cities of Colombia tuesday during the national strike, called by the Comando Unitario de Trabajadores (CUT).

In Cartagena 15,000 demonstrators where violently repressed by the forces of order. On the other side of the country near the Ecuadorian border, in Pasto, thousansds were attacked by the police but resisted against those in uniform. In Bucaramandga, Cali, Popayán and many other countries the workers began a 24 hour strike and left their places of work to take to the streets. More that seven million students attending public schools were left with out class when 300,000 teachers joined the strike.

The common call was: "NO TO THE FTA - NO TO THE FTAA!"

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funny 23.May.2004 11:51

you know.

I think it is funny that the readers here at portland.indy have no comment whatsoever on this article. When I saw it, I thought "you know, that article is REALLY out of place!" But then I thought about it a bit more and realized how much this article should be here and just how important it is.

It is a story about strength and union and, dare I say, winning! While it is true these people did not stop the FTA or the FTAA, but they did send a clear message that the more you fuck with the people the more we will rise up. They basically shut down the school system.

300,000 striking teachers, there is power in the union. I was at the Red and Black last night, and I was in the bathroom reading one of the posters and it says something along the lines that when the people form a union, they can make any nation stand still. And it is true.

This piece should be like a model for activists here, that we must unite together and work together (not even necessarily WITH each other, just together) and we can have some essensce of strength and perhaps hope and all those things that are necessary for sustaining struggle against an empire.