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NYC denied rally permit for RNC

 http://www.unitedforpeace.org | 212-868-5545
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Last week we told you about the denial of our application for a permit to rally on the Great Lawn in Central Park on August 29th. The rally is planned to be part of the massive demonstration United for Peace and Justice is organizing on the day before the Republican National Convention begins. UFPJ appealed that denial. Earlier this week we heard that once again we've been denied the permit. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Parks Department have decided that protecting the lawn is more important than defending the Bill of Rights.

But this struggle is far from over. United for Peace and Justice is gathering support for our right to rally and march: four of the NYC daily newspapers have taken editorial positions supporting our request for the Great Lawn permit; members of the City Council and other elected officials are speaking out; leaders of community organizations, labor unions, religious institutions and others are calling on the city to reverse their decision.

There is still a lot to do to secure the permits. Our right to protest the Bush agenda is on the line, and we need you help to protect everyone's right to dissent.

Right now, today, please call the mayor of NYC to protest the city's outrageous denial of our right to rally in the single best location for the August 29th rally. We hope people from every corner of the country, will flood the offices of the Mayor of NYC and the Parks Commissioner with phone calls and faxes.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
phone 212-788-3000
fax 212-788-9711

Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe
phone 212-360-1305
fax 212-360-1345

If the lines are busy, please keep trying!

It is important to note that our request for the Great Lawn is part of our overall plan for the demonstration. We have also applied to the NYC Police Department for a permit to march. We will assemble south of Madison Square Garden and take a route going directly past the Garden, where the Republican Convention convenes the next day. Our march route is a straight line up 8th Avenue and its continuation, Central Park West, before going into Central Park. The process of securing the permit for the march is also far from complete and we anticipate a struggle on this issue as well.

Be sure to check our web site for updates on this struggle to secure our right to protest in NYC, as well as information about the full range of protest, cultural and educational activities while the Republican Party meets in New York:  http://www.unitedforpeace.org

*** Last, but not least, we need your financial support to help ensure the success of our efforts and for the organizing of the August 29th march and rally. Click here to make your on-line donation:  http://www.unitedforpeace.org/donate Thank you in advance for your generous contributions.
I say... 21.May.2004 17:35


fuck the permit! you don't need a permit to hang out with your friends in your own damn park.