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9.11 investigation

Another bit of music

this one's from EmCee Lynx
this one's from EmCee Lynx
no it's not.... this is dead prez 27.Jun.2004 00:01


this isn't emcee lynx, this is "know your enemy" by dead prez.

Emcee Lynx's stuff is at  http://circlealpha.com

my bad 27.Jun.2004 00:08


the one on the left is emcee lynx and shamako noble with "america's the terrorist"

the one on the right is the dead prez track

while you're at it, check this out:  http://circlealpha.com/mp3/black_dog_ep/Emcee_Lynx-The_Black_Dog_EP-empires_fall.mp3