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Soundtrack for whatever happened in N PDX last month...

whether it was a drive by, ambush, or whatever...
whether it was a drive by, ambush, or whatever...
Whatever DIDN'T happen.... 21.May.2004 15:01


I live about three blocks from where the "whatever" was alleged to have occured (actually NE, not N Portland). Not a single one of my neighbors heard or saw anything about anyone shooting at cops, and we talk to each other in my neighborhood. No one heard shots, no one had cops come to their doors. The ONLY place i have seen this incident referred to is here on IndyMedia. I don't think it happened.

hmmm 21.May.2004 18:09

wait a minute

so, if multiple posts from apparently different people on indymedia didn't make it a credible story, then, uh, why should we believe you either?

what ? 22.May.2004 04:56

your local NE cabbie

You live a few blocks from there and saw nothing ? Are you freakin' kidding me ? I was working in NE that night, like usual, and saw a quite large cordoned off area from 15th to 13th and Holman all the way down to Jarrett, cop cars in every intersection with bright flares and loud radio chatter. They were holding Mossberg 500 "riot" pump shotguns and not smiling one ittly little bit. And I mean many, many multiple cops, not like one or two cars...you call this NOTHING ? A co-worker of mine said he heard a brief blurb about it on an AM station, but then no more news whatsoever. If you indeed live over here, um, talk to some of your neighbors and post back on what the gossip mill is saying at this point...there are a lot of conflicting rumors going around and no one is quite sure what exactly was going on...

shotguns 22.May.2004 14:29


PPB doesn't carry Mossberg shotguns, they carry Remington 870 shotguns. Trying to give the make and model of a shotgun that you don't know anything about in an attempt to make yourself look more credible makes you look less credible when you get it wrong.

You could call the song by its origional title 22.May.2004 14:48


Police State by Dead Prez

whoops 22.May.2004 17:56

ne cabby

Well, I was driving by at night, and they looked a lot like the 500...a model I have never owned, but tried ( a friend's ) out several times. So I know "something" about them, not "nothing," and certainly not "everything"...I'm much more of a handgun and rifle enthusiast, personally...most of the minutae I know quite a bit about revolves around milsurp eastern euro stuff I own and use like the AK/ MAK series, Cz52, FEGs, and such. Hey, where DOES one find out the exact makes and models of firearms that various police agencies use, anyway ? Are you ex-PPB, or are you just more observant and knowlegeable about Mossbergs than I ? Or do they publish this stuff online somewhere ? When I see a bunch of 'em standing around with frowns on and shotguns out I don't exactly park the car and start asking them about what they are carrying...especially not the PPB, if you know what I mean...the shotguns looked like the Mossberg 500 to me in the dark by the light of the flares...so sue me. Or toss out some insulting words, whatever you feel the need to do...that seems to be what this sad old bulletin board is here for, these past few years, anyway.

shotguns 22.May.2004 23:33


Here are two images from cop marketed sales websites, one of the Mossberg 500, the other of the Remington 870, if you are concerned about the exact make and model of the "riot pump" officer friendly is holding next time the flares go up on your block. If it helps, the jpg of the 870 is slightly magnified, and it's pictured with a handy, fashionable shoulder sling. Good luck in the dark. And remember the advice of the rabidly uberconservative Republican radio talk show host G. Gordon Liddy when it comes to shot placement and such...

embellishment 23.May.2004 12:24

Making the point

If you want to simply report what you saw, you call it a "shotgun". If you want to make it sound like you know more than you do, in an attempt to give yourself more credibility, you give the make and model. In this case, the author was wrong.