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The New American Landscape

We need to take a new look at our natural landscape
Gone are the days of a mountainside or a field of grass. Our new beauty must embrace the works of man's labor and invention. For too long, artists have distanced themselves from the idea of a telephone wire's grace, or of a guardrail's strength and elegance. The new american landscape can no longer be ingored. If we accept all of it into our lives, we must do so in every way possible. In the future, Walmarts will be seen as modern cathedrals, with architecture so empowering and massive. Litter will be the poor man's delicate donation to the composition of the roadside masterpiece. The trees, unless burned, charred, or carved, will mean nothing to the new art. Lakes left unpolluted, filled with living beings, will be shunned from the canvas. We've got a long road ahead of us, and I think there is enough garbage and destruction to go around.

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